How to Change Your Twitter Handle on iPhone, Android, or Web

Is the handle you used to log into Twitter an antiquity? Changing your username (or “handle”) may be necessary if the one you chose when you first created your account several years ago no longer fits in with the current image of your company. However, you can alter your Twitter username without losing any of your existing followers. Best practises and other methods for altering your Twitter handle are outlined below.

It’s Much More Than a Label

Your Twitter handle is a reflection of your brand and leaves an impression on your followers and followers-to-be, just like it would on any other social media site. Your chosen username must reflect well on your company and be easy to remember. If you want people to be able to easily locate you and tag you in posts, it’s best if it’s the same across all of your social media accounts.

As to Why an Upgrade Might Be Necessary

how to change twitter handle

Twitter handles can become dated even if you’ve used them for years. Changing your Twitter username won’t wipe off your previous tweets or direct messages with followers. If any of the following describes you, it may be time to select a new username for your online profiles:

  • You have rebranded your company or changed its name.
  • You want your profile to reflect the fact that the demands of your customers have shifted as a result of the development of our sector.
  • Your existing username isn’t very well thought out (it may be overly long, look unprofessional, or contain an error).

Your Twitter handle doesn’t match the handles you use anywhere else online. Make sure it’s the smartest choice. Changing your Twitter name is a straightforward process, but it’s important to think it through before making the switch. If followers aren’t made aware of the change or if the new identity is more difficult to remember and include in tweets, the brand may lose more ground than it gains by making the switch.

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Choose a Strong Password for Your New Account

If you’ve determined that a new username is in your best interests, there are certain things to keep in mind. Think about what a good username would be in the long-term, not simply for the present, to save yourself the trouble of changing it later.

If the username you desire is already in use but the account is inactive, you can contact the owner and ask for permission to use the username. The easiest way to get in touch with someone is to do a quick Google search. Paying for a Twitter username is against the rules, so if the owner asks for money, you should know that you risk being banned from the service.

If the perfect username is already used, try tweaking it slightly to come up with something else that satisfies your requirements while still being easy to remember and fitting the service’s niche. Including a location (@FirmNameMA), an underscore (@Firm Name), or a hyphen (_FirmName) are all valid variations on the company name. However, be in mind that your username adds characters to any tweets that include it.

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Changing Your Username: Two Choices

  • When the time comes to switch to your new username, you can do so in one of two methods without alienating your current following:
  • One possibility is to just alter your current username. To change your Twitter handle, go to your account settings and make the necessary changes there.
  • You can adjust your Twitter account’s settings and privacy by clicking your profile image after logging in.
  • Just fill out the space with your selected username. The word “Available!” will show up next to the username if it is not already in use.
  • After deciding on a new username, be sure to save your changes.
  • Make sure your followers know you’ve switched handles by tweeting them, and then continue tweeting as usual.

You might also “squat” on your current username by making a new account with that name. If you’d rather “squat” on your present username and prevent anyone else from using it in the future, the second, more involved alternative is for you. However, Twitter discourages this and it is probably unnecessary unless you have serious issues, such as another account taking over your old discussion history.

Make a brand-new Twitter account using any available handle (like @TemporaryUsername). After the switch is made, your @OldUsername will be hosted in this account. Thus, any username will suffice for the time being.

Get out of the new account and into the old one, click the profile image, and then click Settings and privacy to change your Twitter privacy settings.

Fill out the form with your @NewUsername of choice. There will be a message reading “Available!” if the desired username is not already in use. Do not lose your work by not saving.

Once you’ve logged back into @TemporaryUsername, navigate to the account’s settings and privacy preferences. Replace the current username with @OldUsername and hit the “Save” button.

The best way to let others know you’ve switched handles is to tweet from here. Save the tweet to your pinboard, and then log out.

Sign into Twitter with your @NewUsername account and send out a tweet announcing the change to your followers. Using your new Twitter handle, you can resume your regular tweeting.

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Maintain Cohesion Across All Mediums

how to change twitter handle

Start the upgrade process already! Now that you’ve changed your Twitter identity, make sure to update everywhere it appears, including your website, other social media accounts, email signature, business cards, and promotional materials. Remember this drill the next time your brand’s messaging or tone needs to be revised. All of your communications with current and potential customers should be consistent in both substance and tone.