How to Connect Airpods to Dell Laptop? Do Air Pods Work with A Dell Laptop?

You might be wondering if your Dell laptop is compatible with your Apple AirPods. Although AirPods work best with Apple goods, like a Macbook or an iPhone, they will function just fine with a Windows laptop. It won’t be difficult for you to pair your AirPods with your Dell laptop if you are familiar with how Bluetooth works. Put your AirPods in pairing mode and simply enable Bluetooth on your laptop. If your Dell laptop is having trouble recognizing your AirPods, try switching the audio input to headphones rather than speakers.

The next time Bluetooth and Pairing mode are configured, connecting your AirPods to your Dell laptop will instantly connect the two gadgets. You may however manually link and unpair your AirPods from your Dell laptop. The compatibility of Dell laptops with AirPods is covered in this article. You’ll also get a thorough explanation of how to connect your AirPods to your Dell laptop. For your convenience, we’ve added a few useful troubleshooting hints.

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Do AirPods work with a Dell laptop?

With Apple goods, AirPods function best. However, that won’t be a problem if you use a Windows laptop as opposed to a Macbook. Any device with Bluetooth capabilities can use AirPods. Fortunately, Bluetooth is supported by all current Dell computers. If your Dell laptop does not, for some reason, support Bluetooth, connect a Bluetooth dongle to your USB port to establish the connection.

how to connect airpods to dell laptop

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How to Connect an AirPod to a Dell Laptop

As with attaching any Bluetooth headphones or earphones, connecting your AirPods to your Dell laptop is simple.

To activate AirPods pairing mode, simply turn on Bluetooth settings on your Dell laptop. Connect your Dell laptop to the AirPods through Bluetooth. A faint beeping sound ought to be audible. The following guidelines can be used to connect your AirPods to a Dell laptop in more detail:

Charge the charging case and AirPods in step one.

To establish a reliable Bluetooth connection, fully charge your AirPods. Your AirPods will stutter or lose connectivity if they are not completely charged. If the batteries aren’t full, put your AirPods in the charging case and let it there for up to 20 minutes.

In Action Center, step 2 is to enable Bluetooth settings.

By hitting Windows + A on your keyboard, you may access the Action center menu. Go to Settings is an option when you right-click on Bluetooth. The Windows + I keyboard shortcut can also be used to activate Bluetooth. The Windows Settings window will then open. Select Devices > Bluetooth & other devices from the menu.
On your Dell laptop, turn Bluetooth on. Now Discoverable as (your laptop name) will show as a notification.

Activate Pairing Mode on your AirPods in Step 3.

Remove your AirPods from the charging case after they have finished charging.
your ears with the AirPods.
The button is located on the back of the AirPods charging case. Press the button repeatedly until the charging case’s light begins to flash white.
Your AirPods are currently set to pair.

how to connect airpods to dell laptop

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Step 4: Link your Dell laptop to your AirPods.

Re-visit the display of your Dell laptop. On the menu page for Bluetooth & other devices, click Add Bluetooth & other devices. Above the Bluetooth toggle, this is situated next to a (+) symbol. Your AirPods should be included in the list of all nearby Bluetooth devices that are accessible.

From the list of Bluetooth devices that are compatible, choose the AirPods and then click Pair.

When your Dell laptop and AirPods pair, you should hear a faint ring or beep.

5th Step: Modify Audio Input Settings.

You must change the audio input settings if your speakers still play sounds after pairing with your AirPods. To change the input settings, go to the taskbar in Windows: The Sound Control Panel will open when you click the speaker icon in your taskbar.

Instead of choosing Speakers from the dropdown menu, choose Headphones. Decide to make AirPods your primary audio device.

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how to connect airpods to dell laptop

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Go to the Action Center > Settings menu on your Dell laptop and choose Bluetooth & other devices. On your Dell laptop, turn Bluetooth on. Remove the charging case from your AirPods once they are fully charged. Press the charging case button for a prolonged period of time to activate pairing mode.

To add Bluetooth and other devices, select Add on your Dell laptop. From the available devices list, pick AirPods. Your Dell laptop and AirPods have been successfully linked. Change the audio input in the Sound Control Panel from Speakers to Headphones (AirPod stereo) if the sound is still coming through the Dell speakers.