How to Convert Heic to Jpg? What Is the Heic and Methods for Convert Heic to Jpg?

You may have noticed, if you’re running iOS 11 or later, that images shot with your iPhone camera are saved as HEIC files rather than the previous format, JPG. To provide better compression while maintaining image quality, this new file format was introduced. The issue with HEIC is that not many other programs or devices are compatible with it, and you might not be able to open a HEIC photo after moving it to your computer.

What is the HEIC photo format, and why does the iPhone support it?

The High-Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format is a proprietary one developed by Apple. By compressing your images’ data while maintaining their high quality, this more recent file format is meant to be a better way to keep your photos.

How to Convert Heic to Jpg

Is HEIC preferable to JPG?

Yes, HEIC is superior to JPG in many aspects, particularly in its capacity to reduce the size of images without compromising image quality. What apps and gadgets also support HEIC is where things get complicated. Even while more developers are using HEIC every day, JPG, the tried-and-true format, is still more widely used.

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How to use a Mac to convert HEIC to JPG or PNG

Do not be concerned if you have a few HEIC photos on your Mac after transferring some images from your iPhone. Check out a couple of the programs that can open HEIC files before deleting those pictures and transferring them again from your phone. Additionally, there are a few quick techniques to convert those photos to JPG format if the application you wish to utilize doesn’t support HEIC.

What applications can open HEIC files?

Of course, any Apple-made or -supported program will open HEIC files. Apps like Preview, Photos, iMovie, and others fall under this category. Adobe Lightroom allows you to import HEIC files but will convert them to JPGs automatically. Other programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, will only open HEIC files on Mac computers.

How to Convert Heic to Jpg

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  • Using Preview, how to convert HEIC to JPG or PNG
  • Using the Preview program on a Mac is one of the simplest ways to change a HEIC to a JPG:
  • Launch Preview and choose the HEIC file.
  • Press File > Export.
  • Either JPG or PNG should be chosen from the Format drop-down selection.
  • Select Save.

How to convert HEIC using Photos to JPG or PNG

Using the Photos program on your Mac is a simple alternative method for converting your image from HEIC to JPEG or PNG. To transform your image, simply follow these steps:

  • Locate the file you wish to convert in the Photos app by opening it.
  • Pick the file.
  • Select Export > Photo by clicking File.
  • From the Photo Kind drop-down option, select JPG or PNG.
  • Choose Export.
  • When you’ve decided where to save your photo, click Export.

How to change a Windows computer’s HEIC file type to JPG

A Windows PC requires a little more effort to open and display a HEIC file. There aren’t many choices at the moment. (More applications will eventually enable you to view those images or, at the very least, aid in their JPG file conversion.)

how to convert heic to jpg

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What Windows program can open HEIC files?

You can see and open HEIC files thanks to the HEIF Image Extensions codec that Microsoft has made available. After installation, your computer will treat HEIC images just like any other image file. However, the codec is only compatible with Windows 10, so if you’re using an earlier version of the OS, you’ll need to use one of the tools listed below to convert your images.