How to Gameshare on Xbox One in 2022

We have all the information you need if you want to game share on Xbox One. Perhaps the console’s greatest kept secret is game sharing. Despite the fact that Microsoft faces a lot of criticism for the way it has handled the Xbox One generation, there is one feature it supports that could help you save money and play more games: game sharing.

You can share your whole collection of digital games with a trusted buddy (or a family member), enabling two players to play each game simultaneously. We’ll go over how to share your Xbox One games with friends and borrow their games in our tutorial on Xbox One game sharing. Even an Xbox Live Gold account can be shared with game sharing.

Using Xbox One’s Gameshare Feature

how to game share xbox

You may actually share your Xbox One’s digital game catalogue with a friend, despite the fact that it might seem shady or deceptive. Even when you are playing the game that your friend is playing, they can use your games on their Xbox One.

Their games can be used by you as well. On Xbox One, game sharing is a fantastic way to acquire access to many titles you’ve been wanting to play but don’t own. Digital purchases may be split in half. Everyone who owns an Xbox One can participate in the fun because game sharing is supported on both the Xbox One and Xbox One X.

  • Sharing your Xbox One game library with a buddy is a straightforward process that you should carry out:
  • For the guide to open, press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Scroll left to the “Sign In” tab.
  • ‘Add new’ should be chosen.
  • Get your friend’s Microsoft account email or phone number, along with the password they use to log in, or just let them use your Xbox One.

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After Reading the Summary of The Privacy Policy, Click “next.”

  • Choose what you want.
  • When you want to return to the Home screen, select “Home” by pressing the Xbox button on the controller. This will open the user manual.
  • From Home, select “Sign in,” then scroll left until you find and click on your friend’s gamertag.
  • There is one more set of instructions to complete before you can successfully download your friend’s games from their Xbox profile, which is now available on your Xbox One.
  • With your Xbox account connected to your friend’s…
  • Open the instructions by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.
  • My home Xbox can be located under System > Settings > Personalization. If you’re having trouble finding it, look in Apps.
  • Select You can identify a console as your home Xbox by selecting Make this my home Xbox.

The other party should follow suit for the other account once one side has completed this. After the setup process is complete, your Xbox One will be configured so that your friend’s account will use it as their home Xbox and vice versa. With your own account, you can now access the games of your friends.

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Share Xbox Live Gold with A Friend: Instructions

You can share an Xbox Live Gold membership in addition to games with pals on the Xbox One. You can also share a single Xbox Live Gold membership with a buddy by using the procedure described above.

It’s important to note that even though you can share an Xbox Live Gold subscription, if the account that purchased the Games With Gold titles drops below the Gold level, the Games With Gold titles will no longer be playable on the Xbox One. Below, including discounts for both the US and the UK, are the best prices we could find for Xbox Live Gold memberships.

Are All Games Compatible with Xbox One Game Sharing?

When it comes to Xbox One game sharing, there aren’t many catchy phrases to search for. Even games from subscription services will be available to you if you game-share with a buddy, but you won’t have access to the EA Access trials. All games that are a part of Game Pass, the EA Access Vault, or Games with Gold ought to be playable through game sharing.

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Important Information Regarding Xbox One Game Sharing

how to game share xbox

Although it is a great idea to share your game library with a friend, there are some drawbacks and dangers that could occur. The main things to think about are as follows:

Only share with friends you can trust; this may sound obvious, but because you’re essentially handing over your account, be sure the recipient won’t misuse it.

Although Microsoft has long permitted game sharing, there is a chance that it might be prohibited in the future. Aim to divide game purchases equally so that both parties will have an equivalent number of games on their profiles if access is ever denied.

If you prefer to possess physical copies of games, game sharing won’t work well for you because it is a digital-only phenomenon. Only the system into which the disc is placed will play disc-based physical games.

Two maximum – You and a friend are the only ones who can share games on the Xbox One. No more than one user may use your account at a time. If you change who you’re sharing with, you still have time to alter your mind because you may change the home Xbox on your account five times a year.