How to Make a Snapchat Boomerang

Due to the company’s constant addition of fresh, entertaining features to its platform, Snapchat has been able to maintain its popularity over the years despite fierce competition from websites like Instagram. Snapchat has a lot of staying power thanks to features like Stories, the Snap Map, and others.

Another well-liked addition to Snapchat is Bounce, a fun feature that was previewed a few years ago but didn’t become life until August of 2018.

Then what is Bounce? How can you use Bounce to make amusing Snaps that you may show your friends? Let’s look at what Bounce is and how you can utilise it to make a Snapchat Boomerang.

On Snapchat, What Is Bounce?

How to Do a Boomerang on Snapchat

Because Snapchat has so many features, it may be difficult for individuals who are new to the platform to take advantage of all of them. Users can choose a specific section of a video to replay using Snapchat’s “Bounce” function.
A specific section of the video will play again while you are watching it when combined with the loop option. It resembles a boomerang within another video in several ways. If, for instance, you and your friends are skateboarding and one of your pals pulls off an unbelievable trick, you can play the video as usual while looping the particular feat. In conclusion, it’s a fantastic feature that everyone should use. Therefore, let’s examine the Snapchat Bounce feature.

On Snapchat, How Can You Create a Boomerang or Bounce Video?

Utilizing the Bounce function is a breeze. You can create a Boomerang on Snapchat quickly and effortlessly by following a few simple steps. The instructions for updating your app to ensure it contains the most recent features come first in the list of actions below.

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A Snapchat Update

You must make sure that your Snapchat is updated before you begin using Bounce. You receive the most recent features as part of the update, so once it’s finished, you may use Bounce immediately.

Follow these instructions to make sure your Snapchat app is updated: Launch the App Store on your iPhone. All the apps, including Snapchat, that require updating may be found under Updates.

As soon as your device starts downloading the most recent software updates, press the update button. In order to use the Bounce function whenever suits you after the updates are finished, exit the App Store and launch Snapchat once more.

Long-Press the Capture Button

Press and hold the “Capture” button that appears on your Camera screen when you first launch Snapchat and prepare your camera. Keep recording until you get a video that you like.

Infinity Loop: Tap it. It doesn’t matter if you exceed the allowed time limit because you can edit the movie at a later time. After you’ve recorded, tap the infinity loop symbol. Wherever you want to input your bounce, move the “Bounce” slider. You can tap the infinity icon more than once to display a loop that never ends or simply once.

You may change the time period of the video you want to bounce by moving the slider to the left or right. The video will start out Bounced if you slide the slider to the left. By contrast, selecting the centre or end of the clip by dragging the slider to the right.

You will always be able to quickly preview the loop and make any necessary corrections up until you are fully satisfied with the preview.

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Post Your Loop

To share your Bounce video, click the white arrow in the bottom right. The loop can be included in your narrative or distributed to a buddy. Your choice in this is your own. Your Snapchat friends will be able to view and enjoy your Bounce loop for the next 24 hours once you choose the sharing method you choose.

Is Bounce Compatible with Android?

How to Do a Boomerang on Snapchat

Bounce can’t be added to your arsenal of Snapchat capabilities if you’re using an Android device, which is unfortunate. Bounce will still only be available on iOS as of May 2020. For the time being, Android users will have to make do with Boomerang on Instagram.

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Does Snapchat Allow Boomerang Uploads?

Absolutely! For those who don’t have the capability natively, you can record a brief clip and submit a video you shot elsewhere by clicking the Card symbol next to the record button on Snapchat’s main page. To repeat the playback of your video, choose the Loop option as previously indicated. Although it’s a workaround, this is the closest thing we can give you to a boomerang given Snapchat’s current restrictions.