How to Make an Arrow on a Keyboard

Learn how to create an arrow on your Windows computer, Mac, Android, or iOS device by reading this article. Generate a Windows-compatible Arrow In order to create an arrow with a keyboard shortcut in Windows, you’ll need either a numeric keypad or the NumLock key.

Depending on Your Keyboard, the Num Lock Key Might Be to The Top Right or Linked to A Function Key

How to Make an Arrow on a Keyboard

  • Put an arrow here in your paper: While holding Alt, use the following key combinations to select the desired arrow:
  • Arrow up: 24
  • Take the down arrow and subtract 25
  • Straight up: 26
  • Directional Indicator: 27 Left
  • When you’ve entered the desired number, release the Alt key to see the arrow appear in the page.
  • All you have to do is copy and paste the arrows into your page like normal text.
  • Get to Know Your Character with the Character Map
  • Without a numeric keypad or the NumLock key, you can still use Windows’ Character Map to type an arrow.

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You Can Access the Character Map via Start > Windows Accessories, the Search Box, or Cortana

  • With the program running, locate the menu that corresponds to the direction you wish to go in by clicking the corresponding up, down, right, or left arrow.
  • If you want things to go along more quickly, select the Advanced view button at the bottom, type “arrow” into the Search for box, then hit the Search button.
  • Click the Select button once you’ve located the desired arrow. When you do this, it will transfer to the list of clonable characters.
  • Click the Copy button.
  • You may paste the arrow into your document by going to the location where you want it to appear and pressing Ctrl + V.

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Create an Arrow in I Photo for Mac

There is no keyboard shortcut in Mac OS X for creating an arrow, in contrast to Windows. But you can use the Character Viewer to add an arrow to your paper or electronic communication.

Select Edit > Emoji & Symbols from the menu bar or press the shortcut key combination Command + Control + Space to bring up the Character Viewer.

Click the Arrows on The Left Side of The Character Viewer Menu

Then, to the right, you’ll see a plethora of directional arrows separated into groups such as right, left, up, down, reverse arrows, and others.

Select the arrow you’d like to use, and then either drag it into the document, or double-click the area where the cursor is, to insert it.

Create an Axis on Android

How to Make an Arrow on a Keyboard

In case you ever find yourself in need of an arrow while typing on your Android device, you’ll be pleased to know that the keyboard is well-equipped to provide for such a situation.

  • When you have your document open, put the cursor where you want the arrow to go, then press the? 123 key to bring up the number keypad.
  • Then, to see more symbols, use the =/ key.
  • Make a long press on the second-row caret key.
  • A little toolbar with left, right, up, and down arrows will appear above the caret key. Get your finger on the arrow you want, then let go.

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Select the Second Row’s Caret Key and Keep It Down.

Over the caret key, a mini toolbar will appear with left, up, down, and right arrows. Move your finger to the desired arrow and let go.