How to Share a Facebook Post to Instagram

By automatically publishing a post from Facebook to Instagram, you may make it simpler to expand both of your social media profiles at once. With the aid of this how-to, cross-post content from Facebook on a PC to Instagram and save time.

Why Post from Facebook to Instagram Cross-Promoted?

How to Share a Facebook Post to Instagram

You’ve been able to upload Instagram posts to Facebook for a while, but it’s always been one-sided. Sharing Facebook posts to an associated Instagram business account is now possible thanks to this new capability.

Marketers are thrilled that this functionality is now available and that Hootsuite is not required to make it function. There will be times when you want to automatically post the same content to Instagram as you do to Facebook. This will save you time and lessen your workload. With the use of this tool, you can easily include Instagram as a posting option when writing a Facebook post, which will cause the post to be instantly published on Instagram as well.

There is yet another significant advantage to this. Now, desktop users can upload photos to Instagram. We frequently have beautiful pictures on our laptops that we’d want to share on Instagram. On your desktop after the call, image modification is probably taking place. Before now, you had to download that photograph to a mobile device before uploading it. Now let’s look at desktop cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram.

Facebook to Instagram Posting Instructions

The Cross-Post feature can be found on your Facebook page. Make sure your Instagram business profile is linked to your Facebook business page before you may share content from Facebook to Instagram. When you make a new post on your website, you’ll see a tick for Instagram if your accounts are connected.

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Post an Image on Facebook

The following step is to write a post that includes a picture. This is due to Instagram’s inability to support simple text posts, unlike Facebook. There are currently no films or carousels possible with this feature because you can only publish a single image.

When the Facebook post is shared to Instagram, the wording you added will remain the same. There are a few ways to include hashtags in an Instagram post.

  • – Incorporate hashtags into the Facebook post that will be copied afterward.
  • – Edit the Instagram post after it has been published to add hashtags. To do this, log into Instagram.
  • – Comment on the Instagram post with the hashtags.
  • Publish the Post on Facebook and Instagram.

In the posting options, finally, pick the Instagram sharing option. It won’t get published unless you sign into your Instagram account. Once you’ve logged into Instagram on your computer and chosen the cross-post option, all of your future posts from Facebook will be instantly shared to Instagram. You only need to do this once on that device.

When you successfully link your Instagram account, the Instagram option will be selected under the post share options. The Facebook and Instagram posts must both be published “now” in order to use Instagram’s cross-posting capability. The ability to share to Instagram is removed if you try to schedule the Facebook post at a later time.

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Final Thoughts on Posting from Facebook to Instagram

How to Share a Facebook Post to Instagram

Marketing professionals are grateful for the more recent option that enables cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram. For busy marketers, the chance to cut down on post creation time by fully eliminating a step that is unnecessary is highly alluring. You do, however, need to be mindful of the constraints you place on yourself when attempting to save time.

This improved functionality can’t completely replace making identical posts across these 2 sites because of the constraints of posting to Instagram from Facebook, such as the single image problem. Not to mention, you can’t plan to publish these posts at a later time.

You will encounter some severe problems if all of your Instagram posts are identical to those you make for Facebook. One of them is the fact that duplicate material doesn’t encourage the growth of new Instagram followers. Considering it Why would someone follow on both social media platforms if they would just receive duplicate content? Having some special material for each social media site takes a little more work, but it can help you draw in more users.