How to Split Screen on iPad and Use Two Apps in Split View

One of the coolest multitasking features in Apple’s tablet environment is split screen, which you’re missing out on if you don’t know how to use it on your iPad.

The iPad was originally intended to be a platform that changed depending on the programme you were using. Recently, as user needs grew, this simplified interaction model become more sophisticated.

You can utilise multiple apps at once using multitasking, for instance. The most practical iPad multitasking configuration is what Apple calls Split View; it is efficient but not at all obvious.

As a result, if the apps on your iPad allow multitasking, you can now use more than one app at once. This basically means that you can launch two different apps or two different app windows (of the same app) at once inside your iPad’s resizable views. We’ll walk you through how to multitask with two apps on the iPad in this guide.

Using the I Pad to Perform Many Tasks

how to split screen on ipad

Let’s first look at the capabilities provided by the new multitasking menu before diving right into the instructions. Three dots will appear at the top of the screen in iPadOS 15 when you open an app that supports multitasking features. This is the new Multitasking menu. Three multitasking choices are revealed by clicking on this menu: Full Screen, Split View, and Slide Over, where:

When an app is opened, Full Screen is the default setting. Split View is when the iPad’s screen is divided into two perspectives to hold two apps side by side. By dragging the slider between the two apps, you can resize these views.
One programme is displayed above another in a tiny floating window in the slide over mode. To use both apps properly in this mode, drag the floating window to the left or right of the screen.

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How to Open Two Apps in Split View

The Methods to Utilise Split View on The I Pad to Multitask with Two Items (two Applications or Two Instances of An App) at Once Are Listed Below. Split View Is the Second Option in The Multitasking Menu.

One of The Two Apps You Want to Utilise in Split View Should Be Opened. Select Split View (second) from The Multitasking Menu at The Top of The App. by Doing This, the Active App Will Be Moved Aside, Exposing the Home Screen and Dock.

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How to Change Split View

You May Modify how Much Screen Real Estate Each Programme Takes up After Putting Them Both in Split View. This Can Be Useful, for Example, if One of The Two Programmes in Split View Needs a Larger Screen than The Other in Order to Display Its Content.

To Utilise a Note-Taking App Efficiently, for Instance, You Might Want to Give It a Wider Screen Area than The To-Do App if You’re Using Both Side by Side.

Drag the App Divider Between the Two Apps in Split View to The Left or Right of The Screen to Reposition Split View on The I Pad. Apple Now Has Pre-Set Limits on How Much Screen Space You Can Divide Between Two Programmes when Using Split View.

How to Replace an App in Split View

The Steps Below Can Be Used to Switch out An App in Split View While Utilising Two Apps in Multitasking at Any Time.

To Replace an App in Split View, Click and Drag the Multitasking Button from Its Top Position to The Bottom of The Screen. by Doing This, the Other App Will Be Set Aside, Revealing the Home Screen and The Dock.

Locate the Other App You Wish to Utilise in Split View and Click on It. Both Apps Should Now Be Running Concurrently in Split View, with The New App Replacing the One You Uninstalled.

How to Go Back to Full Screen

You Can Return to Full-Screen View Once You’ve Finished Multitasking by Doing Any of The Following:

Drag the Centre Divider (or App Divider) to The Screen’s Left or Right Edge.

Select Full Screen (second) by Pressing the Multitasking Button.

Click-Drag the App You Wish to Open in Full Screen to The Centre of The Screen until Its Name and App Icon Display, Keeping It Aligned to The Top Edge of The Screen, and Then Lift Your Finger.

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How to Convert Split View to A Slide Over

Similar to The Split View Mode, the Slide Over Multitasking Mode in I Pad Os 15 Places an App in A Tiny Floating Window so You May Utilise It on Top of Other Apps. There Are Two Ways to Use Slide Over, Depending on The I Pad Model You’re Using:

Use One App in Slide Over Mode and The Other in Full Screen Mode

how to split screen on ipad

Utilize Split View with Two Additional Apps While Using One Programme in Slide Over. There Are Only A Few I Pad Models that It Supports:

  • I Pad Mini (5th Generation and Later)
  • I Pad (6th Generation and Later)
  • I Pad Air (3rd Generation and Later)
  • Apple I Pad Pro (10.5-Inch)
  • I Pad Pro 11-Inch (all Generations)
  • I Pad Pro 12.9-Inch (2nd Generation and Later)

Make Sure that Both Apps Are Open in Split View if You Wish to Utilise One in Full Screen Mode and The Other in Slide Over Mode. Then Select the Slide Over (third) Option After Selecting the Multitasking Button on Top of The Programme You Wish to Use in Slide Over Mode. when An App Is in Slide Over Mode, You May Click-Drag It Using the Multitasking Button to Move It Wherever on The Screen.