How to Turn Off Sticky Keys on Windows 10

With Sticky Keys, a useful accessibility feature, you can use keyboard shortcuts by pressing one key at a time rather than all of them at once. There are a couple ways to disable the feature after you’ve used it.

Using a Keyboard Shortcut, Disable Sticky Keys

how to turn off sticky keys

A keyboard shortcut is the most straightforward way to disable Sticky Keys. In contrast to the majority of keyboard shortcuts, this one allows you to employ a few distinct key combinations. Pressing Shift five times is one method. Additionally, this is how you first activate Sticky Keys. Moreover, it is rendered inoperable.

Another method is to simultaneously press the Windows Key and two of the following keys: Ctrl, Alt, Shift, or Ctrl. Any combination of these keys should function if the corresponding setting in the Settings menu is turned on (it is by default).

In the Windows Search field, enter “Ease of Access” if it’s not working. In the list of search results, choose “Ease of Access Keyboard Settings.”

You’ll see the Keyboard Settings window. Turn off Sticky Keys when two keys are pushed simultaneously by checking the box next to it in the Use Sticky Keys group.

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Sticky Keys Can Be Disabled from The Settings Menu

Sticky Keys can be disabled by selecting that option in the Settings menu. Then, click the “Ease of Access Keyboard Settings” link in the search results after first typing “Ease of Access” into the Windows Search box.

You’ll see the Keyboard Settings window. Turn the slider under “Press one key at a time for keyboard shortcuts” in the “Use Sticky Keys” group to the “Off” position.

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From the Control Panel, Disable Sticky Keys

From the Control Panel, you can also turn off Sticky Keys. An icon will show up in the System Tray when Sticky Keys is activated. Tap and hold the Sticky Keys icon twice (the large white rectangle with three smaller rectangles underneath).

This will launch the Control Panel’s “Set Up Sticky Keys” settings page. You can select “Turn On Sticky Keys” at the top of this page. To disable this choice, uncheck the box next to it.

You may decide after using Sticky Keys for a while that it isn’t really for you, but if you hit Shift five times, the pop-up may still display, which could be annoying if you’re playing a game, for instance. However, don’t worry. Additionally, you may stop the Sticky Keys notice from displaying.

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Using a Keyboard Shortcut, Disable Sticky Keys

how to turn off sticky keys

The quickest way to disable Sticky Keys is to utilise the same keyboard shortcut that you used to enable them, which is five presses of the Shift key. A different option is to simultaneously hit two function keys (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, or the Windows key). The issue will be resolved right away, but it won’t stop it from happening again.