How to Unsend and Edit Messages in iOS 16

One of the most anticipated improvements, the ability to unsend and modify text messages on the iPhone, is available as of the release of iOS 16 and can be downloaded immediately.

You now have 15 minutes to revise your message and two minutes to unsend it, effectively erasing the content if you make a grammatical error or send it to the wrong recipient. Have questions about the functionality of Apple’s latest iOS 16 updates? What follows is an explanation of all of this.

Here’s how to get iOS 16 onto your iPhone or iPad in case you haven’t already. Lockdown Mode and a redesigned lock screen are two other recent additions to the iPhone’s arsenal.

Previously Transmitted Messages Can Be Revised

How to Unsend and Edit Messages in iOS 16

It’s likely that if you use a messaging service like Slack, you’ve gone back and changed the wording of a message or two. It’s convenient to be able to immediately fix any mistakes you made when writing your message, such as typos or erroneous information. With iOS 16, you’ll have 15 minutes to go back and change an iPhone message after sending it.

The blue text you see in iMessage conversations can be edited by opening Messages and selecting the conversation in question. SMS text messages will not be supported by this function (green texts). You can now edit the message by pressing and holding your finger on it. The Tapback responses and the contextual menu will appear. Last but not least, select Edit.

The message can then be revised before sending. You can completely remove the message, edit it to rectify any problems or add to it. When you’re done making changes, click the blue checkmark to the right. A message can be revised a maximum of five times.

If you make any changes to the text of a message, a blue Edited button will appear underneath the message. If the recipient taps the Edited button, they will see all of your prior versions of the message superimposed in slightly grayed-out chat bubbles over the edited message.

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You Need to Cancel Any Such Messages Right Away if They Were Sent in Error

How to Unsend and Edit Messages in iOS 16

Far too often, messages are sent by accident. Maybe you were intending to pick out an emoji but accidentally hit the send button instead. Maybe you sent the wrong message to the wrong person. With iOS 16, you’ll be able to retrieve those texts no matter what. In contrast to the ability to alter messages before sending them, you only have two minutes to retract a text message after sending it.

Launch the Messages app, press and hold the message (blue text only) you wish to retract, and then select Undo Send to cancel the sending action.

When you or the recipient deletes a message, it is removed from the conversation thread on both ends. Your message will not be sent, but the receiver may have already seen it, according to the message that will show on your thread.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to unsend a message if the recipient is using iOS 16 or earlier. If the recipient has already read the text, a grey text status notice reading “[Name] unsent a message” will appear. Apps like WhatsApp and Signal already offer a Delete Message feature that displays a similar message when a recalled communication has been deleted.

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Moreover, if you make changes to a message that has already been delivered to someone using iOS 15 or older, that person will receive a new message each time you make a change.

Here are the most frustrating additions to iOS 16 and how to disable them. If you’ve already updated to iOS 16 on your mobile device, you need also take these three steps.