How to Upload Resume to Linkedin? How Can Your Resume Be Added to Your Linked Profile? Simply Way!

You have three options for submitting your resume to LinkedIn: while applying for a job and saving it to use with subsequent applications; or by creating a particular LinkedIn post that includes your resume. Knowing how to add your CV to LinkedIn has several time-saving and networking advantages. Let’s look at the choices you have for LinkedIn resume highlights.

Determine how you want to submit your resume on LinkedIn.

You may use LinkedIn to advance your professional career in a number of ways after creating an account. You can publish your resume for recruiters to view and apply for jobs on LinkedIn in addition to networking with individuals in your sector.

In the Featured Media area, add your résumé.

You can add material to your main profile page by uploading it to the featured media area. You can use it to display your accomplishments, including written articles and speeches. It enables you to offer external links to portfolios, resumes, and other content, as well. This area makes it easy to upload your resume:

how to upload resume to linkedin

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  • Log on to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Then select “Add section.”
  • Open up the “Featured” section.
  • Toggle to “Media.”

Look through your files for the resume you wish to highlight, then upload it using your computer or another device.

If you go with this approach, make sure to take any contact information off your resume since it will be made public. Don’t stress about being contacted. An employer can message you on LinkedIn if they review your CV and believe you could be a good fit for the position.

Apply quickly and easily Apply

how to upload resume to linkedin

Millions of jobs are posted on LinkedIn [1]. LinkedIn’s Easy Apply feature will be helpful when you find a job you wish to apply for. You must visit an external site to submit a direct application to the company if the job posting only offers the “Apply” option. If the LinkedIn Easy Apply option is available, follow these steps to add your resume:

  1. Open the job description for which you want to apply.
  2. You should click the blue “Easy Apply” button if the job posting has made it possible for you to do so.
  3. A window will appear and request some data. Click “Next” once you’re certain that everything is filled out correctly.
  4. Locate your resume file on your computer or another device, upload it, and then click the next button using the “Upload Resume” button.
  5. A couple more prompt slides will ask you for a little bit more information.
  6. You can evaluate your application at the final prompt. Click “Submit Application” after verifying that all the information is accurate.

Make a post with your resume in it.

For employers and recruiters who view your profile, having your resume available is a good idea. Making your CV a LinkedIn post that will show up on your connections’ home page feeds is a more proactive strategy to get it in front of more eyes. It only requires that you:

At the top of your LinkedIn feed, click the “Start a Post” option.

To begin, select the note-shaped icon.

Your resume will be uploaded once you click “Choose File.”

After finishing those steps, click “Done” in the bottom right corner of the window.

Now that you’re using this technique, individuals can download your resume right from the post. Once more, be sure to delete any contact details from your resume that you do not want to be made public. Consider adding a few short phrases on your professional aspirations since this is a feed post.

Consider your profile to be a resume

Additionally, you can upload every piece of information from your CV to your LinkedIn profile page. One of the most typical ways that people utilize LinkedIn is in this fashion. An excellent approach to highlighting employment history, school background, and other qualities that are traditionally on a resume is through profiles.

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Tip for profiles

When hiring managers or recruiters are seeking for new hires, having your resume information prominently displayed will help your profile appear in search results. Additionally, it gives you a spot to direct prospective clients or companies to view credentials. Your LinkedIn profile URL will likely be asked for in a number of job application processes on company websites.

how to upload resume to linkedin

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How can your resume be added to your LinkedIn profile? Simply put:

In the “About” area, it will first request a few phrases about you.

Add your entire work history next under the “Experience” column.

Then, complete the sections for “Education,” “Volunteering,” “Skills,” and “Honors and Awards.” Include pertinent experiences in each section.