How to Use a Fake IP Address and Mask Yourself Online

The need of protecting one’s privacy when using the internet grows with each passing year. This is why so many people these days make use of bogus IPs. Just to be clear, the term “fake IP address” is a bit misleading because it suggests coming up with a whole new one. The opposite is true. Your best bet is to use the IP address of someone else who is already online. The term for this is “IP masking.” In that case, how can you conceal your true IP address?

Get a Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network is an abbreviation for what it actually is: a considerably less complicated concept. To put it simply, you can use another person’s network to access the internet on your own computer or device. Whatever it is you’re up to, it appears to be emanating from them rather than you.

By connecting to a VPN, you can hide your true location and assume the identity of a computer on the VPN’s network. A VPN would have to divulge your identity if your traffic were to be traced back to you (or your IP address would have to be revealed via DNS leak).

What Exactly Is an IP Address?

fake ip address

As we explained in our recent recap of IP addresses, an IP address is defined as follows: Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are unique numeric identifiers for any device connected to the internet. We can expand on some fascinating concepts, as is customary when discussing technical definitions:

The language of the Internet. Even while its inner workings may seem mysterious, the web is essentially quite simple: Web functionality, from data transfer to navigation, is governed by a number of protocols.

number-based: Internet Protocol addresses are never printed in alphabetical order. Here’s a standard IPv4 address: Version 6 of the Internet Protocol uses both alphanumeric and numeric identifiers for websites’ locations: 2001:db8:0:1234:0:567:8:1 — IPv6 was developed to succeed IPv4 since IPv4 can’t keep up with the exploding number of internet users.

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The Purpose of Generating Random Ip Addresses Is Unclear

Your IP address, or Internet Protocol address, is typically permanent and does not change whenever you reconnect to the internet. While this is a boon to average users, it creates difficulties for data collectors. The Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of online scraping bots are added to blacklists by anti-web scraping systems, which then prevents such bots from accessing the targeted website. Potentially interested regular users: Maintaining a dynamic IP address has a number of practical applications:

Data Analysis

  • Data collecting and parsing play an important role in many fields and applications.
  • It improves BI by furnishing trustworthy analytics.
  • To help price aggregators, it records specific pricing information.
  • Cybersecurity companies may now do extensive research and testing on cyber defence thanks to this.
  • With this, SEO experts can more precisely manipulate their stats.
  • If you’re trying to collect as much data as possible, changing the IP address at random is a better option than leaving it the same.

Learn how To Make Your Own Ip Address

There are a few different approaches that can do this, and it would be misleading to say that one is superior than the others. The right tool for the job depends on the user and the situation, so let’s examine a variety of options and weigh their benefits.

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Using Free IP Generators Could Put Your Data At Risk

It’s hard to pass up a free offer for a random IP address generator: Basically, you add a browser extension or app to your browser, click “I accept,” and then you may begin using the app or browser. Using these kinds of instruments is discouraged for the following reasons:

Discouragingly Slow Internet

The most glaring drawback of using a free IP generator is that it will almost certainly slow down your internet connection significantly. This happens because there are too many people using the network, all of whom are eager to get a random IP address for free.

The Potential for a Breach of Your Private Data

A random IP address generator that’s “free” isn’t really free: The creator of it simply went a different route to make money: More advertisements might appear, for instance, after installing such software. The alternative is far more dire: your private information gets sold to criminals who might use it to commit identity fraud.

Potentially Questionable IP Source

fake ip address

Finally, the quality of free random IPs is low since their suppliers can’t afford to deliver higher-quality IPs to their massive user base due to an unsustainable monetization model. As a result, you may encounter limitations due to IP prohibitions, CAPTCHAs, and other measures.

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Is It Worth It to Use Infatica’s Services?

Infatica’s proxies provide potent geo-targeting capabilities, allowing you to collect genuine user IPs for use in marketing, SEO, and other global endeavours from a variety of locations across the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Simple to operate, yet potent: An intuitive web interface allows for the management of Infatica proxies, complete with traffic dashboards, quickstart tutorials, product and service overviews, and more. Infatica provides a proxy administration API for advanced users who need more granular settings options.

Infatica’s residential proxies aid in bypassing CAPTCHA systems like reCAPTCHA and Cloudflare by rerouting traffic and concealing the IP address, providing an additional layer of privacy for the user. With these changes, your data gathering pipeline will have a much easier time fooling anti-bot systems because the queries will look more natural. In the event that a home IP address is permanently blocked, Infatica’s proxy rotation feature will immediately switch to a different IP address.

Reliability that won’t let you down: Engineers here at Infatica work hard to ensure that our network is consistently available: We have built a server infrastructure with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, a low response time, and a high request success rate, ensuring that our customers always receive valid user IPs without any hiccups.