I Don’t Recall Kody Being a “Active” Parent to Me, Says Gwendlyn Brown.

Without any filters! When it comes to her actual feelings about the TLC series or her large family, Gwendlyn Brown, the star of Sister Wives, doesn’t hold back.

One of Christine and Kody Brown‘s six children, the TV celebrity has spoken out on the show and her parents’ dynamic since they announced their separation in November 2021. After more than 25 years of marriage, Christine and the Wyoming native announced their separation through Instagram at the time.

Cooking Using Just In 1994, Christine star and Kody had a spiritual wedding. Six children—Aspen, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truly—were then welcomed by the couple.

Christine moved away from her ex-husband in Arizona after their public split and towards her parents’ home state of Utah. Many of the couple’s children also reside nearby.

I Don't Recall Kody Being a "Active" Parent to Me, Says Gwendlyn Brown.

As they are discussing it, I am on each of their sides. Gwendlyn commented about her parents in a December 2022 edition of her YouTube vlog, “Not that I should be picking sides, but these are my parents.” I asked, “Are you really leaving?” Bravo to you! I was ecstatic for her when she told me she was moving and divorcing my father at the same time.

Two of Kody’s three previous marriages have also ended after he and Christine split in 2021.

The couple’s separation from one another had been verified in December 2022 by Janelle Brown, who spiritually wed the patriarch in 1993.

That same month, Kody’s first wife, Meri Brown, made an allusion to the fact that they were no longer a couple. The duo made a public announcement announcing their split in January 2023.

I Don't Recall Kody Being a "Active" Parent to Me, Says Gwendlyn Brown.

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Kody is still wed to Robyn Brown, his fourth wife, with whom he has two kids. 2014 saw the couple’s official marriage after the polygamist divorced Meri. The decision also gave Kody the legal opportunity to adopt Robyn’s three kids from a previous relationship.

Gwendlyn supports her parents, but she isn’t the biggest Robyn lover. In a December 2022 YouTube video, she admitted, “I don’t really like her as a person.”

Yet, after witnessing her mother, Christine, reclaim her independence following the Family divorce, The Northern Arizona University student is pushing for her mom Janelle to achieve her own happiness. (Gwendlyn, meanwhile, declared her engagement to Beatriz Queiroz in November 2022).

I Don't Recall Kody Being a "Active" Parent to Me, Says Gwendlyn Brown.

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In a YouTube video from January 2023, Gwendlyn made a comment about Janelle while viewing an old episode of the show from season 17. She is very hot. Janelle is so cool.