In Season 2 of “only Murders,” Who Murdered Bunny Folger? Every Information and Suspect in The Murder!

Our podcasting detectives are currently attempting to solve the murder of longtime Arconia resident Bunny as the second season of Only Murders in the Building has begun on Disney Plus (Jayne Houdyshell). When Mabel Mora’s (Selena Gomez) apartment held the body of the victim, authorities quickly suspected her as well as regular companions Oliver Putnam (Martin Short) and Charles-Haden Savage (Steve Martin) of the murder.

The three are released after not having enough evidence to put them in jail and immediately start to clear their identities, but time is of the essence as an unidentified person is working hard to bury evidence against each of them.

Who then is this evildoer of mystery? Here are our top theories, however, we can only speculate for the time being.


New to season 2, Alice is a mysterious artist and curator who shows a lot of interest in Mabel on both a professional and personal level. Romantic chemistry develops between the two of them rather quickly. However, there are a few warning signs to take into account before shipping this young pair.

Despite Mabel’s half-joking remark, Alice’s hesitation to confirm whether or not her art collective is a cult raised some red flags because nothing is ever completely ruled out in this show.

Even more pertinently, the focus of the early stages of this investigation has been a missing painting by the late artist Rose Cooper that depicts a picture of Charles’ father and is rumored to be quite valuable. Alice’s line of work makes it conceivable that she would be interested in purchasing the object. The question is whether she would murder someone.


We’re not so sure of eccentric loner Howard Morris’ innocence this time around, despite the fact that he was exonerated in the death of Tim Kono of any wrongdoing. He is very forceful when discussing his follow-up podcast with Charles, Oliver, and Mabel in season 2, almost as if he wants to know whether they are looking into him.

In the meantime, Howard also has a bruised eye, which he brushes off as the consequence of a routine domestic accident, but it’s probable that this will be brought up again later in the season.

Could the injuries have been sustained in a combative battle with Bunny just before he killed her? Expect a prompt response.

Adam Schumer

The comedian Amy Schumer has generated a lot of buzz after relocating to the Arconia. She hasn’t wasted any time in acquiring Oliver’s streaming rights to the Only Murders podcast. After running into him in the elevator, she expressed her admiration for the program and claimed that it had sparked in her a passion for murder—murder mysteries, she was quickly corrected.

But was this just a light-hearted joke or a Freudian slip that hinted at a surprise to come?

We learn that Schumer intends to adopt the role of killer Jan in her streaming adaptation of Only Murders in the Building, assuming the identity while introducing herself to Charles. But it’s possible that she goes much further with her method of acting. It appears that each season of Only Murders will feature a different celebrity inhabitant of the Arconia (Schumer takes Sting’s place in this episode), but they won’t always be false leads.

In Season 2 of "Only Murders," who murdered Bunny Folger? Every Information and Suspect in the Murder!

Given that Schumer isn’t averse to a little self-deprecating humor, it’s possible that the writers are trying to shock audiences by giving the standard Hollywood cameo a dark twist in this instance.

Cassidy Canning

The Only Murders crew has been clearly identified as Cinda Canning’s opponent, and she sees them as a challenge to her dominance of the genre. Cinda Canning is the queen of true crime podcasts. If anyone has a reason to frame them for murder and terminate their budding media careers, it would be Cinda, whose knowledge from her own extensive research will probably make her hard to capture.

Notably, she arrived among the first when Charles, Oliver, and Mabel were taken into custody, and she immediately started talking about a podcast that would accuse them of being the guilty parties.


Nina hasn’t appeared much so far in the series, but given that she took Bunny’s place as president of the Arconia’s board, it seems appropriate to mention her here. One has to question if Nina may have killed to gain the prestigious post in light of Uma’s warning to our podcasting heroes that she is even meaner than Bunny was.

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