Instagram Engagement Calculator: Why Do You Need a Calculator for Instagram Engagement Rates?

You may find the Engagement Rate by typing the username of any publicly accessible Instagram account (of a brand or an influencer) (ER). Isn’t that straightforward?

Our Instagram ER Calculator can be used without connecting an account. Since the research is based on current posts from the influencer, you may quickly check the ER on your own page or the profiles of your rivals.

How to Determine Er

The most recent 18 posts are used in the Instagram ER calculator to determine the total likes and comments. After that, divide by 18 (to gain an average per post). This is multiplied by 100% after being divided by the number of followers the account currently has. Thus, the Engagement Rate Formula is as follows:

instagram engagement calculator

ER is equal to ((Likes + Comments) / Posts) / Followers * 100%.

Engagement Rate for Posts / Number of Followers

The most recent 18 posts were examined as follows:

ER is calculated as ((Post 1 Likes + Post 1 Comments + Post 2 Likes + Post 2 Comments +… + Post 18 Likes + Post 18 Comments) / 18) / Followers * 100 percent.

Consider a user with 200 posts and 100k followers as a worked example. Six of the last 18 posts received 10,000 likes and 10 comments, six received 8,000 likes and 20 comments, and six received 11,000 likes and 3 comments. The engagement rate calculation is therefore ((((10000+10)6+(8000+20)6+(11000+3)6)/18)/100000)100% Equals 9.68 percent.

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This formula will be significantly longer in real life because each post has a distinct number of likes and comments (because otherwise fraudulent likes might appear). Although it appears difficult, this computation can be done using with one easy Excel formula. Because you have to manually fill in all the post statistics, it is time-consuming but not difficult.

Why do you need a calculator for Instagram engagement rates?

Given the lengthy mathematical process, doing this by hand would take a lot of time. The statistics from all the postings must also be exported in order to collect the necessary data, and the final ER value must then be calculated using a formula. Hooray! Time for Excel.

When there is a free online solution available, why would anyone calculate ER by hand?

With the aid of our Instagram ER calculator, you can:

In a moment, get to the ER
any 500 followers’ non-private accounts for analysis

View the account’s key information

View the progression of your followers

Therefore, you are given free access to basic account information. A follower growth graph, meanwhile, indicates whether the number of subscribers is growing naturally or suspiciously. It’s one of the simplest methods to spot fake or deceptive growth.

instagram engagement calculator

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How to locate influencers for your brand using the engagement rate calculator

Start by checking the engagement rate.

While there may be other techniques for manual searches, these include:

advertisements for brands that aren’t competitors

suggestions from Instagram

Searches on Google (such as “top sports influencers in Brazil”)

Using hashtags

References to other influencers

Managers are offered direct collaboration

This influencer is popular with your mom or coworker (word of mouth)

All of these approaches, however, will eventually force you to visit ER. It’s the most frequent and fundamental check. It enables you to decide whether it’s OK to carry on speaking with an influencer or not. As an illustration, the manager of an influencer has made you an offer in Direct. You may simply calculate this influencer ER using this calculator. If their emergency room is subpar, you can choose to forego integration and politely decline their offer.

instagram engagement calculator

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Use our influencer finding service if you require hundreds of influencers. It has 15+ criteria, including category, size and demographics, and keywords, and boasts a 90M+ database. It’s free to try.

An Instagram engagement rate definition

The engagement rate (ER) is one of the measures used to assess an Instagram account overall. Its most basic definition is the product of likes and comments divided by the number of posts and follows. More information about engagement rate usage