Interview with a Vampire: The One Lestat Moment Sam Reid Can’t Wait for.!

There are spoilers in this article for Episode 3 of Interview with the Vampire.

Is My Very Nature That of A Devil is the title of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire episode 3, and as Louis de Pointe du Lac (Jacob Anderson) muses on the satanic aspects, his creator Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reid) steals what jazz was originally referred to as “the devil’s music.

The sound, revelatory to listeners and revolutionary in its independence, spread chord clusters and searing licks throughout the nation. This reflects the connections between the two vampires who form the series’ core and their altered personalities as a result of remorse and reconciliations. Music is priceless and dangerous, just like vampires.

The piano battle at The Azalea House, Louis’ all-around entertainment venue, is one of the episode’s highlights. Lestat criticizes resident pianist Jelly Roll Morton (Kyle Roussel) for his repetitious vamps and slack playing. This develops into a playful challenge in blue language, which is oddly unsettling for Louis and immensely enjoyable for the audience.

interview with a vampire

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After some prodding by the riffing house ivory tinkler, Lestat, a musician with classical training, sits down at the piano to play a piece for the young men leaving for battle. He proclaims, “Know your foes,” and fires the opening shot.

He starts off by playing a somewhat stiff rendition of Christian Petzold’s Minuet in G Minor as he talks about how many kids the lusty Johann Sebastian Bach fathered. The piece swings as he then let’s go with a left-hand riff. Lestat can play the fool if Louis can play the vegetarian.

Sam Reid highlighted how music was the key that turned him into the Lestat’s repertoire when speaking with Den of Geek about the premiere of “Interview with the Vampire.”

Reid informs us that in The Vampire Lestat, Lestat is with Nicki [Nicolas de Lenfent] following one of their late-night sessions. He is experiencing an existential crisis, but Nicki’s music and violin playing help him to overcome it. Lestat and Nicolas were boyhood pals in rural France in the book. Their reconnection marks a turning point with incredibly depressing undertones.

Lestat is in reality lying on a bumpy straw mattress listening to Nicolas blast through Mozart on the violin while leaning his entire body into the sound, pressing his soul against the instrument like an ear. Lestat is equally astounded by its intensity and rawness. One plays the fiddle, and the other acts. The first is descending, whereas the second is a wolf-killer. Lestat comes to understand that becoming a vampire comes at an unimaginable price.

interview with a vampire

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Reid informs us that because he is undoubtedly struggling with what happened to him, he is quite cut off from mankind and has no desire to be a part of it. He was yanked out of it. Basically, all it is is that dynamic.

Lestat’s love of all things musical has been a recurring motif throughout the series, which has been incorporating elements of his background into a narrative that starts with Louis’ perspective. Lestat will thrive on poor performance, but a talented artist is too much of a treat to be eaten for food.

The vampire needs music to survive, whether it is kicking in jazz clubs or screaming in opera houses. Musicians feed the spirit. The actor who learned piano to portray Louis is excited about how these competing solos will combine in an upcoming scene to create a lovely discordant harmony.

interview with a vampire

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According to Reid, I found Rolin’s writing to be incredibly engaging and excellent. clinging to the aspects of humanity you love and are unable to let go of while embracing your monster nature. It struck me as being a pretty intriguing question.

AMC and AMC+ will air an interview with the vampires on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET.

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