IOS 15.7 and iPad OS 15.7 Are Available for Those Not yet Ready for IOS 16

After months of testing, Apple released iOS 16 to the public on Monday. Some users may be eager to get their hands on iOS 16’s brand new lock screen and other features right away, while others may prefer to hold off. Because of this, iOS 15 users will continue to get security updates from Apple until they are ready to upgrade to iOS 16.

Even though iOS 16 is the most significant update today, Apple also released iOS 15.7 for iPhones. Users on iOS 15 may now update to iOS 15.7 or iOS 16; the update doesn’t introduce any big new features, but it does include bug fixes and security updates.

IOS 15.7 and iPad OS 15.7 Are Available for Those Not yet Ready for IOS 16

Not for the first time, Apple has given consumers the option to continue using an earlier version of iOS. Even when iOS 15 was released last year, consumers had the option of sticking with iOS 14 for as long as Apple continued to issue security updates for it. However, a few months later, the corporation discontinued this choice.

Apple stated that the choice was always meant to be transitory at the time, so the same thing could happen again this year. Some customers (especially enterprise users) may choose to wait a few weeks after a new iOS release has been released in case the update breaks any of their apps.

A Suggestion for Remaining on IOS15.7

IOS 15.7 and iPad OS 15.7 Are Available for Those Not yet Ready for IOS 16

The iOS 15.7 update will be featured prominently in the Settings > General > Software Update section of your iPhone. ‘Upgrade to iOS 16’ shows up as a viable alternative. Select the desired update, then wait for it to complete the installation. Don’t feel obligated to update to iOS 16 if you don’t want to. Turn off software updates in settings.

Initiate the Settings Application on Your Apple Device ( iPhone, iPod, or iPad)

  • Enter the Settings section.
  • Choose to Update the Software
  • Click on Allow Automatic Updates
  • Don’t let your iOS device download and install updates on its own.

However, you should be aware that Apple may only offer security updates for iOS 15 for a short period. iPadOS 16 will be launched independently by Apple in October, the company has said.