I Phone 13 Hacks: Know About Fantastic Tricks to Keep Your Phone Protected!

Apple keeps enhancing the iPhone’s functionality with new iOS versions. Here are 13 iPhone tips and tricks to make your life on your Apple device smoother.

Make Safari your preferred web browser instead of

The iPhone has a variety of browsers in addition to Safari. You can choose any other web browser you like to use as your default instead of Chrome or Firefox. Go to your iPhone’s browser app and download the browser you want to use as your default. To make Google Chrome the default browser, go to Settings, hit Default browser, then tap Open Chrome settings (if that’s what you want).

captions for pictures and videos

Swiping up on an image or video will allow you to add subtitles or keywords. Additionally, it makes it simpler to locate them later using the iPhone’s Search feature.

iPhone 13 Hacks

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Lock the camera’s exposure and focus

To maintain a sharp camera focus, simply tap your screen once. An “AF/AE Locked” box will show up if you continue to hold down on the screen. This locking ensures that the exposure and focus remain fixed.

Concurrently take a picture and a video

To take a photo while recording a video on your iPhone, tap the shutter icon next to the video button.

To call someone, use just one button.

The last number you dialed will be immediately redialed if you hit the green phone symbol on your Apple iPhone after opening the keypad.

Shake your phone vigorously to delete texts.

Tap “Undo Typing” after shaking your iPhone to delete whatever you’ve typed. To undo your most recent modifications, shake the device once more to activate “Redo Typing.” To erase the text and reverse its direction, try swiping left with three fingers.

iPhone 13 Hacks

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messaging more quickly

When typing on an iPhone, hold down the “123” button, move it over the desired number or symbol, and then let go.

Set your music to a timer.

To do this, select “When Timer Ends” under Timer from the Clock menu. Here, select “Stop Playing” and enter a time limit for the song to play. The music will stop when the allotted time has passed.

Take a hand-free photograph.

By navigating to Settings > Accessibility, you can turn on “Voice Control” on your iPhone. When you’ve finished, ask Siri to open your camera and lower the volume. By doing this, you may take a picture on your phone without having to hold it.

diminution of screen size

To achieve this, select either the left or right keyboard while maintaining pressure on the keypad’s emoji button.

Even Siri can be changed.

If Siri pronounces something incorrectly, you can tell it by saying “That’s not how you pronounce…” and Siri will ask you for the proper pronunciation. It will answer after being taught to make sure it understood what you said.

iPhone 13 Hacks

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To the iPhone home screen, add widgets

Widgets from the Today view can now be moved around on the home screen using drag and drop. The edit menu on the iPhone’s home screen can also be used to add them.