Is Abigail Hawk Quitting Blue Bloods? What Happened with Baker Maybe He Got Fired!

Abigail Hawk, is she quitting Blue Bloods? The destiny of Abigail Baker is in doubt during tonight’s episode.

Let’s start by briefly outlining the situation before moving too far into this post. Because of her punch, which might have caused a subsequent altercation, Baker will be in trouble. Every move she makes will be closely analyzed because of how close she is to Frank and the inner circle. She is aware that this is a requirement of her position. We don’t necessarily believe that the position requires absolute perfection, but there is a distinction to be made between an error and a punch.

There is no doubt that Baker is adored by his admirers. We are aware that there are repercussions for our conduct, though. It makes sense to be concerned about that happening in the episode.
Abigail Hawk leaving Blue Bloods
Abigail Hawk leaving Blue Bloods

If there is any hope for Baker’s future in our offering, just take into account the following: Hawk was recently on the set of the show, indicating that her character won’t be leaving anytime soon. That’s something we’ll take as a sign of hope for the time being. (Also, we prefer to believe that the writers are aware that if Baker were dismissed, there would be a complete uprising.) Frank is a genius at finding a middle ground, so we have faith that he will find a way to keep her on board.)

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So What Happened in The End?

As the show airs, be sure to check back for more information because we are aware that there is an instinctive interest.

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As of Tonight S Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 17 Tonight, Were You Worried About Abigail Hawk S Future as Baker?

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