Is Dylan Dreyer Pregnant ? Dylan Dreyer, the Couple’s Third Child, Is Due in December!

In addition to becoming a meteorologist on television, Dylan Dreyer goes by the name Dylan Marie Dreyer. She or he is an NBC News reporter who has also been on MSNBC’s Weekend to Day when she replicated the weather reports from several states. Most of the time, she looks like an anchor once Al Roker, the show’s main anchor, is no longer 29 years old.

In addition, Dreyer began working for the NBC News Network in September 2012. While working for WJAR in Pennsylvania, WICUs Dylan started a career. Dylan Dreyer was born on August 2nd, 1981, in New Jersey, during the year 1981. At Rutgers, she’s a confident and beautiful meteorologist who completed her undergraduate work there back in 2003.

Dylan Dreyer Professional Career

Before starting her career in Rhode Island, she worked for WICU and WJAR in Pennsylvania. NBC News hired her in September 2012 as a meteorologist after she had worked for the now-defunct WHDH in Boston, Massachusetts from 2007 to 2012. She currently serves as a weather anchor on Weekend Today and MSNBC on weekends, and she and Sheinelle Jones rotate in the Orange Room.

Dreyer also fills in for Carson Daly and Al Roker, and he is a weather reporter for Today most days of the week. The Weather Channel and NBC Nightly News also commonly feature her. “Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer,” which airs on NBC’s The More You Know block of programming, also features Dreyer as a weather forecaster. On February 9, 2013, Dreyer was on her way to cover a blizzard for The Today Show when she was involved in a minor car accident.

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Brian Fichera is the husband of Dylan Dreyer

Brian Fichera is the spouse of NBC meteorologist Dylan Dreyer. Since his birth, Brian has worked as a television producer and cinematographer. In the year since they tied the knot, they’ve sent numerous photos of their growing family. WHDH television is where the couple first met. Dylan is also a weatherman for NBC News on weekdays. Calvin, his son, was born to him.

is dylan dreyer pregnant

A father of three, Dylan Dreyer

He has three sons – Russell James Fichera, Calvin Bradley, and Oliver George – who all work for the Today show. She’s now on maternity leave with her husband, but she’ll be back on the show on Monday. She expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to remain at home with her new sons and her determination to demonstrate to them that hard work does really pay off in the long run.

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Dylan Dreyer Is Pregnant With Her Third Child

This is Dylan Dreyer’s 3rd child. Co-anchor of NBC’s TODAY show and meteorologist for the network announced on Tuesday that she and her husband Brian Fichera are expecting their third child in November. A new boy is “great to add to the mix!” Dylan spoke with me TODAY. There are no additional toys required! However, Fichera plans to add some new outfits to the collection.

is dylan dreyer pregnant

In a conversation with Dylan, he said he “can’t look at this anymore.” Big brothers Calvin, 4, and Oliver, 1, who turn 4 and 1 in December and January, respectively, will welcome the new baby into the family. According to Dylan: “We were trying and it wasn’t working out so we just kind of gave up.” It was time to go on to the next stage. Dylan’s doctor had given her a clean bill of health, so she didn’t have anything to worry about.

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Her doctor advised her to take a deep breath and quit worrying about it. What we did was indeed the case! It wasn’t long before Dylan learned that she was pregnant. And the four-member family — soon to be a five-member unit — could not be more content. It was something Dylan and his wife hoped to do when they first got married, he recalled. However, we soon developed a strong attachment to them… The nicest things in the world become clear to you as soon as you see them.

” Calvin, on the other hand, has taken the baby news very seriously and hasn’t told anyone – not even his preschool teacher – whilst Oliver has no idea “his world is about to be rocked.” That’s why I didn’t tell my teacher. I kept it from her! After school one day, he told his mother, “I kept the secret.”Compared to her previous pregnancies, this one has been harder on her, with more intense morning sickness and an earlier-than-expected expansion of her tummy.

She added, “You feel it a lot more quickly with the third!”
I’m crossing my fingers that the rest of the trip goes as planned. Dylan, congrats on your success!