Is Loni Love Engaged ? Loni Love’s Thoughts on Dating James Welsh!

Comedian Loni Love is worth $1 million. Loni Love was born in Detroit, Michigan, and after graduating from high school, she began working for General Motors. After that, she was awarded a scholarship to Prairie View A&M University, where she studied Electrical Engineering and graduated with honors.

Loni Love a Successful Career

Loni Love was hired by Xerox in California as an engineer after graduating from college. However, Loni had developed a taste for stand-up comedy over the years, despite her love for her job. Loni made the decision to continue her stand-up career at that point. After work, Loni started playing at bars. She became a regular at the Laugh Factory quite quickly. It proved to be the ideal starting point for her career. She left Xerox after eight years to pursue a career in comedy full-time.

is loni love engaged

Loni, a selfless employee, opted to leave her position at the time of layoff. So that someone else wouldn’t be out of a job. An episode of the VH1 show “I Love the 2000s” featured Loni Love discussing current trends and pop culture. The talk show “Chelsea Lately” also included her as a guest panelist. Loni has also made appearances on ‘Star Search’ The show brought in new talent and provided them with a platform to succeed. The show featured a variety of entertainment genres, including comedy, and the competitors competed in all of them.

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Loni love‘s career as a stand-up comedian took off after that performance. When it came down to the finals, she came up just short of winning the contest. After this, Loni was able to get a number of lucrative contracts. She’s been in a number of films, including “Soul Plane,” “With or Without You,” “Bad Asses,” “Mother’s Day,” and “Adopt a Highway.” She has appeared in numerous television shows, including “I Love the 70s,” “Hollywood Squares,” and more. As a CNN journalist for D.L. Hughley Breaks the News in 2008, Loni was promoted to anchor.

Loni had reported on President Barack Obama’s inauguration. It’s common to see Loni Love — a Democratic Party registered member — standing out for the ideas that her party stands for. Because of her work with CNN, she was able to help spread the word about the Obama campaign’s misinformation.

Is loni’s love engaged?

Lonnie Love is Engaged with actor james welsh.

She is seeing actor James Welsh, who she has been dating for over a year now. During an appearance on The Ellen Show, her old haunt, The Real host and comedian Loni Love talked about how she met her now-husband, actor James Welsh, in a rather unusual way. After three years, she reminded Ellen DeGeneres that she had a hand in the couple’s introduction.

“Remember when you helped me put up my profile?” Because I met him on Christian Mingle, despite the fact that neither of us is a Christian,” she explained to chuckles from the audience. “However, we’re a religious family.

is loni love engaged

” Since then we’ve had a three-year relationship. We’ll call him James. I think he’s the nicest.” It was only fitting that when Ellen pressed Loni on her use of the site for Christian singles despite the fact that she doesn’t identify as one, she responded in the most hilarious way possible. “We’re religious, but we’re not Christians.”

But what about this? I was hoping to meet a lovely guy. As a result, she decided to check out When he mentioned he wasn’t really Christian but was religious, I was like, ‘Maybe this is God’s way of putting us together,'” she says. Since then, we’ve been inseparable.” In the past, Loni has stated that James is the first white man she has ever dated. ‘ “I was getting all kinds of males,” she told PEOPLE in 2019. “The perspective that I had was, ‘Let me get to know the person before I judge and say, ‘Oh, I can’t date you because of this or that.'” Everyone is shocked, and I’m shocked, too. But in the end, it makes no difference.

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In fact, I’m the first African-American lady that he’s ever been with. This is nothing major,” she concluded. “We get along well, we enjoy each other, and we understand each other.” “We get along well.” They’re also in love with each other. James’ love and support have had a profound effect on her, and she broke down on The Real when discussing it. That time, she said that he was “different, his culture is different from mine,” but when they were together, she knew they were compatible. “It’s never going to change.”

It’s important to seek out the one individual who lifts your spirits. Your go-to person when things aren’t going your way.” You don’t have to ask your besties or your mother for help. It’s the one you keep when you turn to them and they understand and gaze into your eyes. The hue of his skin makes no difference to me.”

James and Loni Relationship Timeline