Is Mgk and Megan Fox Engaged? Kelly and Megan Fox Are Officially Engaged!

Automated Gun Kelly is an American rapper who goes by the name Richard Colson Baker. Over the course of his career, Baker has become one of the most distinctive and well-liked Hip-Hop musicians working in the music business today. Baker has had a lot of success as an actor apart from music.

Early life

is mgk and megan fox engaged

On April 22, 1990, in Houston, Texas, Richard Colson Baker was born. While he was growing up, both of his parents served as missionaries, thus he frequently traveled with them. The family lived in many different countries while they were young, including Germany, Egypt, and many more. Baker also resided in a number of other US states. He and his father eventually established themselves in Denver when his mother left the family.


Baker persuaded an MC management to assist him in starting his career when he was graduating high school after returning to the United States. As a result of his quick vocal delivery, Baker at this point chose the stage name “Machine Gun Kelly.” Before performing at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, MGK first began appearing at neighborhood venues.

is mgk and megan fox engaged

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He also had an appearance on Sucker Free Freestyle on MTV2. The second mixtape he released was titled 100 Words and Running. MGK continued to have financial difficulties even though he was becoming more well-known at this time. In order to sustain himself, he worked at Chipotle when his father forcibly removed him from the family home. He also became a parent.

is mgk and Megan fox engaged

Automated Gun After making their romance official approximately a year and a half ago, Kelly and Megan Fox are now engaged. A banyan tree, a heart-shaped ring with two stones, and, well, a blood contract were all part of the musician’s proposal on Tuesday.

The actress “called for magic” while reflecting on the moment their relationship became official under the same tree where he proposed in a video she shared on Instagram.

“In such a brief, frantic period of time, we were unaware of the suffering we would experience together. Being intoxicated by the love, we were unaware of the effort and sacrifices the partnership would need of us. And karma,” she penned. He proposed to me after we had “walked through hell together, laughed more than I ever believed imaginable, and somehow it had been a year and a half.”

is mgk and megan fox engaged

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“And just like in every incarnation that came before this one, and as in every life that will come after it, I said yes,” she wrote as she concluded the letter.

and after that, we both drank each other’s blood.

is mgk and megan fox engaged

In the video, Fox is shown receiving a marriage proposal from Kelly, who is dressed in a dazzling striped shirt and black jeans. Then, as Kelly places the ring on her finger, she lowers herself to her knees while still holding her hands to her face. The two then had a protracted kiss.

Kelly’s choice of rings for the occasion has special significance for the couple. The ring has his and her birthstones—a diamond and an emerald—joined together by a magnet to form the shape of a heart.

Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, posted a video of Fox displaying her engagement ring on Instagram along with the caption, “‘Yes, in this life and every life,’ beneath the same branches we fell in love under, I brought her back to ask her to marry me.

is mgk and megan fox engaged

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“I know the tradition is one ring, but Stephen Webster and I created it to be two: the emerald, which is her birthstone, and the diamond, which is mine, set on two magnetic bands of thorns that draw together as two parts of the same soul forming the enigmatic heart that is our love.”

Kelly posted a video of the couple sliding onto a hotel bed while holding a heart made of rose petals on his Instagram story.