Is Yasmine Al-Bustami leaving NCIS: Hawaii? What happened to Lucy Tara?

First of all, it doesn’t look that Lucy will be a part of the tale tonight based on some of the photographs that we have seen so far for this episode. Would this be the most bizarre event this season? Hardly. As she goes back and forth between Hawaii and the mainland, Yasmine has occasionally been gone, and we are aware that she has a lot going on.

We can also state that Al-Bustami‘s long-term departure from the program is not supported by any evidence at this time. She will return in the episode of the following week, and we can bet that we will see a lot more of her before the conclusion!

Of course, tonight feels like one of those situations in which Lucy could have been tremendously helpful, but couldn’t you also say that about the vast majority of cases in this show’s universe? She is just a strong, capable agent who, as a result of her time spent working as an agent at sea, now has even more experience to draw upon whenever necessary.

Yasmine Al-Bustami leaving NCIS

All of this, of course, is unrelated to her connection with Kate Whistler, which is undoubtedly one of the most well-known on television. The two of them have already given us a few memorable moments to watch over the previous year; let’s hope season 3 will bring us even more! The return of the show is already known.

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What do you want to see for Lucy Tara as we get further and further into NCIS: Hawaii season 2?

What aspect of her character do you find most endearing? Make sure to share in the comments straight away! Come back for further updates after you’ve completed it.

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