Jackson White and Grace Van Patten Attended the Vf Oscar Party in Tell Me Lies.

A costar relationship In Hulu’s Tell Me Lies, Jackson White and Grace Van Patten portray poisonous love interests, yet in real life, they have shown flashes of their charming affair.

After portraying college students Lucy and Stephen in a drama based on a novel by Carola Lovering, the duo became well-known. The popular series follows the fictional couple as their turbulent relationship has an impact on everyone else.

When Patten admitted that White was her celebrity infatuation during the project’s promotion, it led to rumors that the two were dating. Absolutely, she was admitted to E News in October 2022.

The Ambulance Star Addressed Reports of A Romance Between Him and The New Yorker in The Same Month.

He added on a Not Thin But Nor Fat podcast episode, “All I’m saying is that I’m infatuated with her because she’s f king amazing,” adding that he hopes it occurs between him and Patten. and a… We have so much to accomplish together it’s crazy.

Jackson White and Grace Van Patten Attended the Vf Oscar Party in Tell Me Lies.

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She is the f*cking coolest, most grounded, best real-life person you’ll ever meet, continued White. On our show, she acted as the fearless captain. She manages a set at the age of 25 as if she has been doing it for 30 years. She is very reliable and skilled at this.

The actor acknowledged at the time that their set provided a secure setting for him and Patten to bring their roles to life. While filming the show’s sex scenes, it wasn’t portrayed as this huge, terrifying thing, he told E! News. It’s just another scene that needs to be blocked out and planned in advance.

We were on the same page, White continued. Given how intimate the sequences are, it’s very great that we had an intimacy coordinator who really simply talked over everything and made us feel so safe.

Jackson White and Grace Van Patten Attended the Vf Oscar Party in Tell Me Lies.

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The Tramps Star Remained Mum About Her Relationship with White Off-Screen Despite the Two of Them Being Seen Spending Time Together.

Just leaving it up to mystery will keep it exciting for the fans. The future? she said in November 2022 to Entertainment Tonight. I have no problem with the rumor at all. Fun is had. Like every other conversation about the show, it’s entertaining. It’s entertaining and humorous. My favorite.

Tell Me Lies received a second-season renewal on Hulu later in the same month. Before returning to film the second season, Patten and White continued to fuel romance rumors by filming their time together in New York and Los Angeles.