Jana Kramer Celebrates Christmas One Day Late with Her Children: With “still the Same Joy,”

a modern household! Even if Santa arrived a day later, Jana Kramer was determined to enjoy Christmas with her kids.

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Kramer, 39, posted a nice photo of herself with her children, Jolie, 7, and Jace, 4, on Instagram on Monday, December 26. She also added, “Celebrated Christmas morning with the kiddos today.” Even though it was a different day, there was still the same delight, and it even snowed like a real Christmas day. True magic

In a different video, the young children and their dog thanked Jolly Old Saint Nick for their gifts while dressed to the nines for the holiday. Jace exclaimed in awe as he unwrapped one very wonderful present, “Oh my goodness gracious.”

Kramer wrote in the title of the cute video, “Thanks to the mommas who told me about this concept. And a big thank you to the Grinch for putting Jace with an ear infection and the flu in his stocking.

Jana Kramer Celebrates Christmas One Day Late with Her Children

The I Got the Boy singer and Jace had to put their celebrations on hold later in the day so they could go to the doctor while still dressed in their pajamas for Christmas. Double the illness, Kramer remarked on her Instagram Story, and we’re at the doctor.

Before thanking her fans for their good wishes, the country singer admitted that this was her first time ever getting the flu.

The kids spent December 25 with their father, Mike Caussin, thus it appears that the Whiskey singer observed the holiday one day late. After Caussin’s recurrent adultery, Kramer, 35, and the former NFL star were married for six years before she filed for divorce in April 2021.

The native of Michigan spoke candidly earlier this month about her Christmas plans and how the season may be challenging while co-parenting.

On December 10, she stated during an Instagram Story Q&A, “I’m going somewhere since I don’t have the kids for a week.” So, on Christmas Eve, I’ll return from that vacation. But since it will make me unhappy, I’ll just pretend that it’s a regular day and not Christmas Eve.

Jana Kramer Celebrates Christmas One Day Late with Her Children

The moment I signed the divorce papers, Kramer knew it would be a difficult adjustment, and she went on to say that she and her two young children were starting new traditions this year and making them our own.

In her social media post, she said, “I was dreading this holiday.” Since I had them for the first holiday, Christmas Eve night, I was aware that this would be the first time I was alone and that it would be very difficult.

But according to the Whine Down With Jana Kramer podcast presenter, Jolie and Jace are more likely to adapt to a new schedule because they are unsure of the day’s date.

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Yes, it will be Christmas Day at [their] dad’s place, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the same day here, she remarked. because they are ignorant. They merely want to have fun, feel joy, and receive gifts. Santa’s magic is real, and I have to believe it because I’d rather be upbeat and joyful with them than incredibly depressed on Christmas Eve without them.

Jana Kramer Celebrates Christmas One Day Late with Her Children

Christmas Fix Upstar added that her top priority is giving her children the greatest possible care on the days when she does have them.

In May 2015, Kramer and Caussin got married before having their two kids. Prior to Jace’s arrival, they briefly split up, but they declared their final breakup in April 2021. The couple has maintained a passable parenting interaction after the divorce was officially finalized in July.

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Jana Kramer Celebrates Christmas One Day Late with Her Children

Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer’s Relationship Highs and Lows

Kramer exclusively revealed to Us Weekly in February that her children spend roughly 30% of their time with her ex-husband, adding that it is one of those things where, perhaps through time, we will [get along].