Jana Kramer Has “Fears and Doubts” About Telling Kids About Her New Boyfriend.

opening a new page. Since her breakup with Mike Caussin, Jana Kramer has spoken openly about the emotional rollercoaster she has experienced.

After nearly six years of marriage, Us Weekly announced in April 2021 that the One Tree Hill alum has filed for divorce from the former football player. In the same month that the breakup was revealed, Kramer disclosed that she had struggled to maintain the union.

Jana Kramer Has "Fears and Doubts" About Telling Kids About Her New Boyfriend.

I’ve loved deeply. I’ve made amends. I’ve worked hard. She posted on Instagram at the time, “I’ve given everything I have, and now I have nothing else to give.” I’ve simply had enough of fighting.

Time to get better. Thank you for your love, compassion, and support. You have fought alongside me on this path in many ways, and I am appreciative of that. Although I will always support you in doing so, you cannot fight this battle by yourself.

Jana Kramer Has "Fears and Doubts" About Telling Kids About Her New Boyfriend.

A source exclusively revealed to Us that the actress from Approaching Midnight, who shares a child with the former NFL player named Jolie and a boy named Jace, discovered a recent infidelity that caused her to terminate things permanently.

After a year of marriage, the former couple previously separated in 2016. After Us shared the news of Caussin’s infidelity, they briefly split up. The native of Virginia got treatment for sex addiction, and the couple later reaffirmed their vows.

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The insider said in April 2021 that Jana’s discovery of [Mike’s] repeated infidelity was the final straw. He added that the pair had been attending weekly couple counseling sessions before to the divorce.

According to a second source, Mike and Jana concur that the situation is hopeless as it stands. The insider clarified that although the former athlete always regrets his actions in light of his prior transgressions, sadly it doesn’t stop there.

According to the insider, Kramer is aware that she gave it her all and did her best before leaving. She is undoubtedly standing her ground and adamant that she won’t take him back. She’s finished, but it’s been emotionally taxing.

Jana Kramer Has "Fears and Doubts" About Telling Kids About Her New Boyfriend.

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Love at First Sight Since then, Darkstar has resumed her social media activities and her hosting duties for the Whine Down podcast. The actress has never been afraid to talk about her highs and lows with fans, whether it be online or on the radio.

See everything the Christmas in Mississippi star has to say about her split, including how she’s pursuing her profession and being a single mother, by scrolling down.