Jana Kramer Reveals She’s Off Anxiety Medication for 1st Time in 18 Years!

forward motion For the first time in nearly 20 years, Jana Kramer disclosed that she was able to quit taking her anxiety medications.

The 39-year-old Why You Wanna singer opened out about her mental health during the Monday, December 12, episode of her Whine Down podcast. She disclosed that she has been using anxiety medications in some capacity for 18 years.

The One Tree Hill alum said she decided to wean off after having her first child, daughter Jolie, 6, several years ago, but she still suffered from panic attacks and anxiety attacks. Her relationship with ex-husband Mike Caussin, with whom she shares daughter Jolie and son Jace, 4, changed that, though.

I have not experienced a panic episode since getting divorced, the native of Michigan said. It’s similar to when you let go of unpleasant thoughts, old triggers, or anything else that can bring up those memories. That remained inside of me.

The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) Lexapro, which is used to treat anxiety and depression, was brought up by Kramer’s doctor at a recent visit. Since I got divorced, I haven’t had an anxiety attack, to be honest with you, doctor,” the co-author of The Good Fight recalls saying.

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Mike Caussin and Jana Kramer‘s Relationship Highs and Lows

Jana Kramer's Relationship

Then, when she was prepared to try to permanently wean off the drug, her doctor questioned her. I was asking myself, “Can I?” say, how? Will I be okay? Before the doctor reassured her that she could begin the procedure again if necessary, the country singer stated.

You might have to come back on in a month or so, and that’s okay, the doctor had said, according to Kramer. Don’t be hard on yourself.

However, the former contestant of Dancing With the Stars has not yet had to resume taking the medication. I have officially been off my anxiety medications for a month and a week, she said. I have not yet experienced an anxiety attack.

After nearly six years of marriage, Kramer and Caussin, both 35, decided to call it quits in April 2021. Their divorce was then formalized three months later. The two kids, who once shared custody, will spend Christmas Eve this year with their father.

Kramer said in an Instagram Story from earlier this month that she had been dreading the holiday. Since I had them for the first holiday, Christmas Eve night, I was aware that this would be the first time I was alone and that it would be very difficult.

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Jana Kramer‘s Best Coparenting Quotes

Jana Kramer

Love at First Sight The children will be picked up by Darkstar on Christmas Day, after which she and the kids will celebrate their own Christmas Eve. She informed her social media fans, “We’ll leave the cookies out for Santa, we’re going to leave the letter and the stuff for the reindeer and Santa because it’s magic and he’s going to come Christmas night.”

Kramer mentioned on her podcast that she is traveling alone to London before the vacation to meet a mysterious man to help her relax. She joked on Monday, “I’ll keep you guys all updated if I have a panic attack mid-air. I’m incredibly thrilled to go on this trip.

Dial 800-662-HELP to reach the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) if you or someone you know is experiencing mental health concerns (4357).