Jeff Bridges Talks About “Tough Times” During His Critics’ Choice Awards Speech.

In the wake of receiving a non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis, Jeff Bridges has been open about the ups and downs of his health.

Bridges explained his diagnosis on social media in October 2020. The actor tweeted in the voice of his The Big Lebowski character, “As the Dude would say.. New S T has come to light.” Lymphoma has been identified as my disease. Despite the fact that I have a serious illness, I am grateful for my excellent medical team and good outlook.

Jeff Bridges Talks About "Tough Times" During His Critics' Choice Awards Speech.

The True Grit star at the time wrote, “I’m genuinely grateful for the love and support from my family and friends,” confirming that he was receiving therapy at the time. I appreciate your prayers and good thoughts.

Bridges revealed that after entering remission, he faced some difficulties after testing positive for COVID-19.

There have been several changes since my previous entry. In September 2021, he tweeted, “My cancer is in remission, and the 9 x 12 mass has shrunk down to the size of a marble.

Jeff Bridges Talks About "Tough Times" During His Critics' Choice Awards Speech.

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” Covid really pounded my ass, but now that I’ve had two shots, I’m feeling much better. I’ve heard that [long-term COVID] sufferers can benefit from the immunization. Maybe that’s why I saw such swift progress.

The Golden Globe winner mentioned that, while on the path to recovery, he was working out with a fantastic therapist. We’ve been working hard to wean me off the oxygen support, which up until recently was necessary for me to move around, he said. It makes a noise that makes me think of Darth Vader.

Bridges stated that it was crucial for him to regain his strength so that he could accompany his daughter, Hayley Bridges, down the aisle on her wedding day. After Hayley and Justin Shane were married in the same year, Oscar-winner Hayley recalled the procedure for becoming able to walk throughout the wedding.

Jeff Bridges Talks About "Tough Times" During His Critics' Choice Awards Speech.

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In an interview with The Independent in November 2022, he recalled that the first objective was to see how long he could stay upright. Jeff claimed that at the time, he could only stand for 45 seconds. He was able to increase the number of steps he took and maintain his respiration while using oxygen after working with a trainer.

Finally, I remarked, “Maybe I can do it, you know,” one day. It turns out that in addition to performing the wedding dance, I also got to accompany her down the aisle. That was fantastic, he continued.