Okay, Jenelle! Jenelle Evans, a Former Star of Teen Mom 2, Talks About Her Mother Barbara.

She has observed her dating Kieffer! Alum of Teen Mom 2 For more than ten years, Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara Evans, have been at odds over a variety of issues, including who will have custody of Jenelle’s son, Jace.

Jenelle turned over legal custody of Jace to her mother in August 2009, shortly after giving birth to her oldest son. On the 2010 episode of 16 and Pregnant starring the former MTV personality, the dramatic choice was made.

The native of North Carolina knew at the time that she required her mother’s assistance in caring for her son when she went out with friends. Andrew Lewis, Jace’s father, is not actively involved in his son’s life.

Jenelle! Jenelle Evans, a Former Star of Teen Mom 2, Talks About Her Mother Barbara.

Years of recurring and intense conflict between Barbara and Jenelle, who frequently argued over Jace, as well as the Wal-Mart employee’s dislike of the men in her daughter’s life, could be seen in Teen Mom 2.

The author of Read Between the Lines, Kieffer Delp, with whom Barbara frequently had arguments, was also a habitual drug user (and famously once kicked out of her house, along with Jenelle). In the now-famous moment, she yelled at the couple, “High, high, ye both high!”

Barbara was referring to Jenelle’s marijuana use at the time, but the social media influencers soon experimented with heroin and other more potent substances.

When asked about her substance use in 2017, the OnlyFans content producer said to E! News, “I believe my low point was with my drug issue and the entire heroin stuff.” I almost died from an overdose. I was attempting to flee from my issues.

Even after Jenelle stopped using heroin, she continues to suffer from her fair share of relationship problems, which has caused conflict between her and her mother.

Jenelle! Jenelle Evans, a Former Star of Teen Mom 2, Talks About Her Mother Barbara.

The TV celebrity and Nathan Griffith welcomed their son Kaiser the next year after starting a relationship. Even though they were engaged to a veteran, there were a number of problems that led to their breakup, including Griffith’s arrest for domestic abuse in March 2015 and Jenelle’s own arrest in May of the same year.

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Later on in the year, Jenelle started seeing David Eason, who is now her husband. Ensley, the couple’s first child, was born in January 2017. The couple’s own contentious relationship has been in the news for years.

That year, in September, they got married. Because of the controversy surrounding Jace, Barbara, who previously referred to Eason as the worst lover [Jenelle s] had ever had during an episode of TM2, was not invited to the wedding.

She is furious. One month before her and Eason’s wedding, Jenelle exclusively revealed to Us Weekly, “I know she is and she makes side comments here and there saying, Oh, you’re not inviting me to your wedding, so I don’t even want to talk about it.

” And I say, “I’m not trying to offend you; I’m just telling you this is what I need to do to get ready. I can’t forgive someone who’s just not going to give me back my son, so,” and it keeps going. It still hasn’t been settled. And perhaps I would have invited her if I now had custody of him, but I don’t.

Jenelle! Jenelle Evans, a Former Star of Teen Mom 2, Talks About Her Mother Barbara.

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Despite brief instances of reconciliation, Barbara and Jenelle’s dispute over Jace’s custody has continued ever since. To see their biggest ups and downs over the years, scroll down.