Jeremiah Green, Drummer for Modest Mouse, Is Diagnosed with Stage Iv Cancer

Jeremiah Green. Adela Loconte/Shutterstock

Jeremiah Green, the drummer for Modest Mouse, has been identified as having stage IV cancer.

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On Sunday, December 25, Green’s mother, Carol Namatame, posted on Facebook that her son, Jeremiah Green, is facing stage 4 cancer. She did not clarify the specific nature of her son’s disease. He is fighting so bravely and with such strength!

Green co-founded the Seattle-based band Modest Mouse in 1992 and has served as its drummer ever since. The trio started a tour last month to mark the 25th anniversary of The Lonesome Crowded West, their second album.

Jeremiah Green, Drummer for Modest Mouse, Is Diagnosed with Stage Iv Cancer

The 45-year-old musician was featured in a number of pictures Namatame published with the Sunday post, including shots of him performing on stage and spending time with his family.

After Namatame made his statement, DJ Marco Collins posted information on his friend’s diagnosis on social media, alleging that the Massachusetts native had to leave the tour early due to the diagnosis.

I recently learned that my friend Jeremiah Green, a member of the band Modest Mouse, has canceled the group’s tour since he is presently receiving chemotherapy treatments for stage 4 cancer, Collins, 57, published. His outlook is bright despite his stage 4 diagnosis! Additionally, his oncologist is a huge fan of MM (so he has that on his side!).

The radio host said that he was only giving Green love and healing energy. He closed by adding three red love emojis and said, “We’re all pulling for you!”

Green, on the other hand, has not yet disclosed his health in public. His bandmates have remained silent on his diagnosis, although they will be starting a new tour in support of their album The Golden Casket in 2021.

Jeremiah Green, Drummer for Modest Mouse, Is Diagnosed with Stage Iv Cancer

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It is unknown if Green will travel to the three Lollapalooza South America music festivals in March 2023 when Modest Mouse is set to perform in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

Green had a nervous breakdown in 2003, which led to a year-long performance hiatus before his health scare. He appears on only one other album in the group’s repertoire, 2004’s Good News for People Who Love Bad News.

Green admitted to NME  in June 2021, “I was really frantic. I was extremely energized. I was insane. I looked strange since I had drawn all over my clothes and was creating all kinds of bizarre artwork. Even though I didn’t know Spanish, I thought for a long that I could speak it fairly well.

Jeremiah Green, Drummer for Modest Mouse, Is Diagnosed with Stage Iv Cancer

I felt like a terrible spirit or something else bad entered me, he said. I got incredibly defiant in my behavior.

I wanted to cause trouble. I was strongly opposed to war, and if [others] weren’t with me, I would just do crazy revolutionary things. I thought, “I’m going to do something about this war in Afghanistan!” It’s complete BS!

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Despite their ups and downs, Modest Mouse has been working on new songs to follow up The Golden Casket, according to frontman Isaac Brock.

Jeremiah Green, Drummer for Modest Mouse, Is Diagnosed with Stage Iv Cancer

He told the magazine, “I’ve got seven new songs coming out really soon. I was bothered by everyone asking, “Why does it take so long to put out records,” as soon as we finished the last album.

I have other hobbies, after all! They’re not all great, but screw it! I have a record that I’m extremely happy with, so I don’t want to have to answer that question anymore.