Jeremy Strong Gives a Massive Tease in Succession Season 4 Episode 2.

Things will get serious and terrible as we prepare for Succession season 4 episode 2 on HBO this weekend. With the possibility that things for one Kendall Roy would only become worse as the plot develops, that may be especially the case.

What, therefore, depending on your viewpoint, is there to be thrilled or scared about? Jeremy Strong, who is unquestionably the expert on Kendall, should take over now. (Some of the news articles regarding his techniques have garnered all kinds of attention.)

Jeremy Strong Gives a Massive Tease in Succession Season 4 Episode 2

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Here are some quotes from Jeremy’s interview with The Hollywood Reporter regarding the conclusion of this season and what we may expect for his character and others moving forward:

In all honesty, I had always supported having season 4 mark the conclusion of this character’s arc because I knew Jesse was considering it. In terms of contemporary drama, I believe the arc has reached its conclusion in the finest possible way—almost historically. I believe I got to play one of the great antiheroes of our time.

But there is only so much catharsis and sadness you can fit into an arc. But just when I thought I couldn’t sink much lower, season four arrives. But I find it incredible that Jesse and the writers have been able to keep the stakes high while still producing double-black diamond material for us to read. Yet I was prepared to finish.

We can’t say that anything Jeremy is saying here has startled us, mainly since it must be nearly impossible for someone to inhabit this man’s body for so long. We fear that Kendall may pass away, and if she does not, then something else dreadful may occur in the future. We must ultimately be prepared for anything, and this weekend we’ll be here to discuss episode 2 in video format.

Jeremy Strong Gives a Massive Tease in Succession Season 4 Episode 2

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We will miss this show terribly and are not prepared for it to end.

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What do you think we re going to see from Kendall moving into Succession season 4 episode 2 on HBO?

Be sure to let us know below! Once you’ve done that, pay attention because there will be more developments soon that we don’t want you to miss.