Justin Bieber: “H&M Is Selling My Merchandise Without My Permission.”!

Is it already too late for them to apologize? Justin Bieber resorted to social media to criticize H&M for carrying his products and asserted that they did so without his consent.

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I DIDN’T APPROVE ANY OF THE MERCH COLLECTION THAT THEY PUT UP AT H&M, stated Bieber, 28, on Monday, December 19, via his Instagram Story. SMH I WOULDN’T BUY IT IF I WERE YOU. All of this was done without asking or approving.

The singer for Baby referred to the outfit as trash in a subsequent post and said, “I DIDN’T APPROVE IT.” AVOID BUYING IT.

Justin Bieber: "H&M Is Selling My Merchandise Without My Permission

Bieber then warned people not to buy the merchandise by leaving a social media comment on an Instagram post from the @jbiebertraacker account.

He wrote, “Smh when everyone finds out I didn’t approve any of this merch.”

The What Do You Mean? the phrase is featured on the clothing, which is sold on the brand’s website. hoodies, t-shirts, phone covers, and other items with the crooner’s picture are available.

This isn’t the first time H&M has advertised clothing with Bieber’s face on it, according to Bustle. The business provided merchandise for Justin Bieber‘s Purpose Tour in 2016 and the Justin Bieber Stadium Tour a year later.

Drew is the name of Bieber’s clothing line, which he debuted in 2019. Bieber also sells his own merchandise on his personal website. The Love Yourself singer was frequently seen wearing his own clothing after filing for a name trademark in February 2018.

Justin Bieber: "H&M Is Selling My Merchandise Without My Permission

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The inaugural eight-piece collection featured largely unisex, ethically produced t-shirts, sweatshirts, and a few corduroy pieces. Apart from the camel-colored corduroy pieces, the remaining products ranged in price from $48 for a tee to $149 and came in one of three color variations: black, red, or golden yellow.

The Peaches musician originally called the brand after his middle name, but in June 2019 he also produced a range of merchandise with Drew Barrymore’s face. The 47-year-old Never Been Kissed star shared some of the works from her career on Instagram at the time.

One shirt that Bieber wore included a picture of Barrymore from sE.T. in 1982.

The face of the Ever After star might be seen in a subsequent photograph.

Barrymore at the time tagged the Instagram photo with Drew@drewhouse.

Justin Bieber: "H&M Is Selling My Merchandise Without My Permission

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In order to promote his clothing company, Bieber reposted a memorial photo that Diddy had shared in honor of his late ex-girlfriend Kim Porter. This caused Bieber to experience brand criticism.

The Grammy winner posted the image with @drewhouse #diddyfordrewhouse @diddy, tagging both his company and the 49-year-old musician. KP You were a stunning woman on the inside and out, and that is how people will always remember you.

Some of Bieber’s fans immediately expressed their displeasure in the comments section. One person commented, “Delete this guy, he published this picture in honor of his wife, not to promote the clothing brand.” Another person commented: How can one be so disrespectful to his wife and children while thinking about or creating advertisements for his brand?

Justin Bieber: "H&M Is Selling My Merchandise Without My Permission

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Hours earlier, Diddy posted the identical image on his Instagram to remember Porter, who passed away from lobar pneumonia at age 47 in November 2018. I can still picture Kim flying to visit me while I was filming Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down.

She traveled to LA via a 12-hour flight and then a 3-hour drive. without any objections. As the rapper put it, it was always “ride or die.” right away! She was the BONNIE I knew when I was Clyde!

The first time I declared she was MINE was in this photograph, he continued. Little did I realize that I was hers when I first told her I loved her. I Miss you and always will, Bonnie. Maaaaan, to have experienced these things in life is wonderful. I adore you, baby.