Kodi Builds: The Top 5 Fully Tested and Approved Kodi Builds for 2022

Hundreds of Kodi builds are available online, and while we haven’t tested them all, we have managed to identify a select few that really stand out. It’s important to note that since most builds aren’t particularly well-organized or aesthetically pleasing, we’re primarily looking for aesthetics and usability.

For 2022, the top Kodi addon builds are:

Magic Build with No Limits

Masked Mods Lite

Doomzday – The Compact Build

Beerzz Lite

Twilight in Blue

What is a Kodi Build?

A Kodi build is a collection of several Kodi add-ons that you can install at once rather than one add-on at a time. Kodi Builds turn Kodi into the best streaming platform. Let’s first define Kodi, though. Kodi can therefore be downloaded for free and installed on a variety of hardware and operating systems. Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, etc.

Amazon Firestick, Android TV boxes, and Kodi boxes, which are the majority of streaming devices, all support Kodi. Kodi is therefore well-liked in the UK and the US. Kodi will soon dominate the market globally.

No Limits Magic Build

The most helpful Kodi build is No Limits Magic. This Kodi build is considered to be the best by the majority of Kodi users. Additionally, according to the survey, No Limits Magic Build is the second-most-downloaded Kodi build, behind Diggz Xenon.

No Limits Magic Build is the top build on our list of the best Kodi builds because it is simple to use and has a lot of functional add-ons. It is important to note that the No Limits Build has long been one of the reliable Kodi builds.

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Green Monster

Monster in Green Every day, more people are discovering Kodi Build. The Narcacist Repository has some attractive Builds. The Build has top features like a lovely user interface, well-liked Kodi addons, etc. Another crucial aspect of Green Monster is that it seamlessly integrates with Real-Debrid and provides Full HD high-quality links, which enhances the streaming experience on Kodi.

A lot of categories, including TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Power, Debrid, System, Variety, Kids, and others, are available in Green Monster, just like in other well-liked Kodi builds.


The majority of Kodi users today use the Supreme Build Wizard’s extremely popular Titanium Build.

The Kodi Build offers a variety of add-ons, including DeathStar, Gaia, SportsDevil, Live TV, and Program add-ons, among others. Its clean, uncluttered, and user-friendly interface provides a respectable user experience. Without a doubt, titanium has remained popular over time. This Build’s home screen is uncluttered and has a minimalist design. There are many options in the Main Menu Settings to update or modify the Build according to your preferences.

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Diggz Xenon

A brand-new Kodi build called Diggz Xenon is ideal for users who want to set up Kodi on Firestick, Roku, Raspberry Pi, Android TV boxes, mobile devices, or Windows. On all devices, Xenon Build performs incredibly well. Diggz Xenon also has an intuitive user interface as other well-liked Kodi builds.

One of the most well-liked Kodi builds 2022 at the moment is Xenon. Diggz Xenon is currently among the top 10 Kodi builds, if I may say so. Its many features, including ease of use, a friendly user interface, and a reasonable size, make it the best. Because of these features, this Build is a great option for all of your streaming devices.

Misfit Mods

The best Kodi build for Firestick in 2022 and the most appealing build for Kodi users is Misfit Mods. This Kodi build offers free streaming of music, television shows, sports, live television, on-demand movies, audio content, and children’s programming. It delivers content instantly and with high-speed quality.

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Additionally, this Build includes some top-notch add-ons, including Scrubs, Rising Tides, The Magic Dragon, DeathStar, TheCrew, SportsDevil, and TempTV. Its user-friendly interface is elegant and well-organized. This build’s light graphics are what give it great performance and device compatibility. It’s the ideal Build for people looking for a lightweight Build for low-end media players like Firestick.