Koo: How To Apply Yellow Ticks? What Is Eligibility Criteria-Check Latest Updates!

India has seen tremendous growth in the popularity of Koo, an alternative to Twitter. The site is now being used by celebrities and other well-known individuals. Koo offers a badge called Eminence that functions similarly to Twitter’s blue tick in order to acknowledge verified members. Also Read – A new “tweets per month” feature is being tested by Twitter: Check the details

According to Koo, the Yellow Tick is given based on predetermined standards and is intended to recognize users who significantly represent the “Voices of India and Indians.” Also Read: Twitter shuts over 43,140 Indian accounts for breaking rules.

A yellow tick can infect anyone.

It is not possible to buy the Koo Eminence Tick. It is based on established standards that acknowledge excellence, stature, accomplishments, skills, and professional standing. The evaluation criteria, according to Koo, were developed in the Indian context and could evolve. You may post images, videos, and GIFs in a single tweet thanks to a feature that Twitter is testing.

Koo: How To Apply Yellow Ticks? What Is Eligibility Criteria

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What to look for in a yellow tick

Koo evaluates submissions for eminence recognition using a combination of internal research and other public resources. Each year, the criteria are evaluated in March, June, September, and December. In extraordinary cases not covered by the standards, Koo may also bestow the Yellow Tick of Eminence. Users can submit an application to be recognized as a Yellow Tick Eminence from within the Koo App or by sending an email to eminence.verification@kooapp.com.

Within ten (10) days, you will receive a response to your evaluation. The requirements may, however, require responses to be delayed in some circumstances.

Koo: How To Apply Yellow Ticks? What Is Eligibility Criteria

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Based on these considerations, an acknowledgment will be given.

News stories in print and internet media that heavily favor the candidate

programs or channels that provide interviews with a strong candidate focus

Books and publications from publishers who are not affiliated with the candidate

Recognition, honor, or accomplishment

Koo: How To Apply Yellow Ticks? What Is Eligibility Criteria

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You can also remove the yellow tick.

If the initial standards for eminence awarding have changed, Koo also has the authority to remove the mark of recognition at any time and without prior notification.