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The first season of Mehmet Bozda’s Turkish TV series Kuruluş: Osman will be followed by the second season in 2020–2021. Including the seasons of Diriliş: Natural and Kuruluş: Osman, season two is the eighth season of the two Turkish television series, which includes Kuruluş: Osman. When did it begin and when did it end? On October 7, 2020, and ended on the 23rd of June, 2021.

 kurulus Osman Plot

Aya When the Byzantine Emperor Andronikos II assigns Nikola to take over as Tekfur of negöl, Erturul returns to the tribe. Meanwhile, Yavlak Arslan, the new Uç Bey, aspires to establish his own kingdom and regards Osman as a hindrance; but, they subsequently combine against the new threat posed by the new Ilkhan of the Ilkhanate, who allies with Nikola against the Anatolian Turks. Targum, Nikola’s stooge who is working with Osman to save Bala’s father, nal Bey, is also on his way.

At the same time as he faces these issues, Osman is named Bey after his father’s death while also following the wishes of his father by marrying a second time.

kurulus osman where to watch

The killing of Targum prompts a massive conflict with the Byzantines, known as the Battle of Mount Armenia, and the pursuit of Osman’s traitorous uncle Dündar, who helps the Byzantines set traps for Osman. Osman eventually executes Dündar for betraying him.

Mer Bey, father to Malhun Hatun, arrives, and Geyhatu sends his son Kara Aman Today to remove both Osman’s Kaya and mer Beya, but Today is slain after a series of battles between the two tribes, who are now at war. Osman, with the help of Seljuk Sultan Mesud II, eventually defeats Nikola, but Nikola survives. Following his divorce from Bala, Osman marries Malhun Hatun in a political union, and it is she who eventually gives birth to Osman’s first son Orhan.

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 Kurulus Osman’s Cast

By 2021, Geo TV will start airing the second season of Kurulus Osman in Urdu. The second season’s cast of Kurulus Osman is full of talent and adds a lot to the show’s overall appeal thanks to their superb performance. Burak Ozcivit and Ozge Torer play the lead roles. Kurulus Osman Season 2 is just as exciting and entertaining as the first season. Check out the Kurulus Osamn Season 2 cast members’ true names, photos, and bios below.

  • Burak Ozcivit is a Turkish journalist (Osman)
  • Ozge Torer is a Turkish actor (Bala Khatun)
  • Tamer Yigit is a Turkish actor (Ertugrul)
  • The Yigit Ucan is my name (Boran Aip)
  • Ragip Savas is a Serbian actor (Dundar Bey)
  • elik Burak Celik (Goktug Alp)
  • Ankara-based Erkan Avci is the subject of this article (Aya Nikola)
  • In the case of Yildiz Atiksoy (Malhun Hatun)
  • In the words of Didem Balcin: (Selcan Khaton)
  • Sayyid Seray Kaya (Lena Khatoon)
  • In the words of Seckin Ozdemir (Komutan Flatyos)
  • It’s Celal Al (Abdurrahman Gazi)
  • Ankara’s Umut Karadag (Yavlak Arslan)
  • Emre Basalak is a Turkish filmmaker (Gunduz Bey)
  • This is the name of Yesim Ceren Bozogul (Hazal Khaton)
  • Mister Tugce Bayat (Targun Khaton)
  • Tildiz, Seda Seda (Seyh Edebali)

kurulus osman where to watch

Burak Ozcivit is a Turkish journalist (Osman)

This season, Burak Ozcivit portrayed Osman. he began working as an actor in 2006 He has reached the ripe old age of 36. he was born in Turkey on December 24th of 1984 Marmara University is where he received his undergraduate degree. Burak and Fahriye Evcen were married in 2017 and welcomed a son in 2019.

The Ozone Torre’s (Bala Khaton)

As Bala Khaton, Ozege Torer stepped into the shoes of the actor. She is a young woman. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey, on August 16, 1998. When she debuted in the acting world in 2016, she quickly made a name for herself as a rising star.

kurulus osman where to watch

 Yildiz Atiksoy (Malhun Hatun)

Malhun Hatun (Yildiz Cagri Atiksoy) appeared in the film. She’s 32 years old. In 2004, she made her debut in a series of television shows, and she has since appeared in numerous others.

kurulus osman where to watch

Kurulus Osman Where Can I Watch

In Turkey, Mehmet Bozdag’s historical TV series Kurulus Osman is a great hit. That Kurulus Osman comprises 58 episodes spread over 2 seasons was well-known. Nevertheless, where can I watch Kurulus Osman online? For Kurulus Osman devotees, the information on this page will explain how to watch Kurulus Osman.

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where to see Kurulus Osman?

The first episode of Kurulus Osman was shown on November 20th, 2019, and it quickly became a fan favorite. There was more intrigue in Kurulus Osman’s debut episode, which piqued the interest of viewers ahead of the upcoming season. I’m looking for a place to see Kurulus Osman online. Kurulus Osman can be seen on the ATV YouTube Channel.

English subtitles are available for Kurulus Osman Season 2 on Netflix.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 on Kayifamily.com with English Subtitles if you wish to see the show in its entirety. Season 1 of Kurulus Osman should be your starting point before moving on to season 2, as this will give you a comprehensive understanding of the series’ plot. Those who are looking for information on where to watch Kurulus Osman can find it in the following areas.

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How do I watch Kurulus Osman?

Many people are looking for a way to see Kurulus Osman, and it’s not hard to see why. To make things as simple as possible, we’ve provided a direct link to the ATV YouTube channel. Kurulus Osman is currently playing at the following locations. See the Kurulus Osman trailer in Urdu by clicking here.