Kyle Claims Carl Was “Coked Out” in The Beginning of Loverboy; Danielle Intervenes.

Not the same thing at all! As they were spending a weekend apart at Summer House, Kyle Cooke‘s anger with Carl Radke about their work-related conflict at Loverboy and its effect on their friendship reached a boiling point.

But the tension persisted throughout the Bravo series’ episode on Monday, February 20. Although Kyle, 40, insisted she was clueless about what was happening, housemate Danielle Olivera made sure she had Carl’s back throughout the program.

Kyle and Carl’s awkward romance was originally introduced to viewers during the season 7 premiere on February 13. The founder of Loverboy admitted that he believed Carl, 38, wanted to leave his position as vice president of sales after he began dating their common friend Lindsay Hubbard. (Carl said in February that he had left his position as Kyle’s employee.)

Kyle Claims Carl Was "Coked Out" in The Beginning of Loverboy; Danielle Intervenes.

Around a month ago, I spoke with him about his job. I won’t mince words. Kyle hinted that Carl’s problems at the company were not new by saying to Mya Allen on Monday’s show, “The reason I’m a little bothered is nothing has changed on my end.” I believe I need to speak with Carl, and I believe you need to speak with Lindsay. Let’s face our demons now. I’m joking.

I think demons are very apt, Myawho, who argued with Lindsay, 36, over her bond with Carl during the season opener, said.

While Mya, 31, and Lindsay agreed to get along on Monday’s show, Kyle and Carl’s talk seemed to be the beginning of their issues.

I’ve been irate on some days. Carl told Kyle about his employment at Loverboy, “I’m thinking f k, I’ve been working my ass off and it’s not good enough. Sometimes I don’t feel appreciated.

Kyle Claims Carl Was "Coked Out" in The Beginning of Loverboy; Danielle Intervenes.

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Kyle, for his part, told the cameras that he didn’t buy Carl’s abrupt shift in work ethic or claim that he felt underappreciated. I believe that this is false. The Maryland native admitted that Carl had been content. When he had none, to put it bluntly, Loverboy gave him a purpose.

In a different scene from the show, Carl irritated Kyle by delaying informing his coworkers—including his boss and BFF—about a trip he was taking to Los Angeles until a few days before he left. Kyle sensed Carl’s presence and Lindsay’s lack of respect across the nation even though Carl and Lindsay were not in the Hamptons for the second weekend of summer.

My group is working very hard. He is not even a part of it, in my opinion. During a group supper, Kyle mentioned Carl to Mya while the salesperson was away in Los Angeles. He was unhireable when I hired him. He arrived at work intoxicated. He once arrived at work so stoned that he forgot to bring his computer. I need the world to know that I’m a boss who is quite understanding.

Meanwhile, Danielle overheard Kyle accusing Carl of being a liar and calling him out at the table. Kyle, I genuinely don’t want you to remain seated at this moment. Danielle, 34, responded, “I heard everything you said about Carl, and it f king irritates me. Right now, what you’re saying is incredibly unfair.

Kyle Claims Carl Was "Coked Out" in The Beginning of Loverboy; Danielle Intervenes.

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