Kyle Richards of “rhobh” Explains the Viral Video of Her Smiling While Garcelle Beauvais’ Son Is Being Cursed Out!

Kyle Richards, 53, of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is standing by her remarks after Erika Jayne made fun of Garcelle Beauvais’ toddler, Jax, on Wednesday during Erika’s birthday party.

“Get the f**k out of here,” Pretty Mess creator Richards told Jayne, 14, who was plainly inebriated at his mother’s birthday celebration.

Asked by Richards about Jayne’s confession booth comments, Kemsley said they “wiped her vibe out to her stomach.”

In spite of Richards’ statement that “it’s not entertaining but it is interesting,” “the Erika we’ve realized for such an extremely long time was holding a ton in, so seeing this side of her —–more transparent—– regardless of whether she’s not continuously showing her best side, in essence, it’s certifiable,” Richards said.

Wives of Richards and Kemsley, Mauricio Umansky and Paul “PK” Kemsley, ignored the strained second and praised Jayne’s decision to revile Beauvais’ child, calling it “wonderful” and asking that Jayne be qualified for “a triumph” every now and then.

One of Jayne’s diatribe’s “coquettish transactions” was Oliver Beauvais, Beauvais’ oldest kid, who was also referenced.

“Mean young females” is how Richards and Kemsley were referred to by Kemsley for not paying attention to Jayne.

“#RHOBH Preview: Kyle, Dorit, and Mauricio ignore Erika Jayne shouting!” did not include Garcelle’s child. Is this where I’m supposed to be? The “cruel young girls” moniker is well-deserved, given their inability to dedicate the same amount of time and attention to one of their own as they do to the rest of the group. If this had been one of their children, they would have been inconsolable.

Kyle Richards of "rhobh" Explains the Viral Video of Her Smiling While Garcelle Beauvais' Son Is Being Cursed Out!

Despite Richards’ claim to the contrary, she admitted that she was amused by Jayne’s “silly” behavior, rather than her “ludicrous” behavior.

“I was giggling at a friend’s intoxicated, stupid antics. Richards insisted that confronting a young person’s child had nothing to do with it. By this point, I’m confident that you understand exactly what I’m trying to convey. Erika made a remark about this when I was not there, and I just learned about it after the event.”

When a Twitter user asked Beauvais if she was aware of the argument prior to watching it on Wednesday’s episode, Beauvais answered by revealing her thoughts on the topic.

Beauvais admitted as much on Monday, saying, “No, I haven’t seen this sight in the last few months.”

The Twitter handle of Garcelle Beauvais (@GarcelleB) The 4th of July, 2022, is set as the target date — July 4, 2022:.

A Twitter whoop for each of her three children took place on Tuesday.

For the sake of my three children—Oliver, Jax, and Jaid—I have written this piece. When Beauvais was near a picture of the three of them, he wrote down his thoughts.
“You young men make me so happy; you’re nice, respectful, and reverent. You’ve made my day.” Even if someone doesn’t deserve your respect, you show it anyhow.

That which you think about someone is what they think about you, not the other way around. Oliver, Jax, and Jaid have worked tirelessly and tirelessly to make this possible. Thank you, gentlemen, for making my day so bright and cheery. You’re very loving, considerate, and kind.

In spite of the fact that they don’t deserve it, you nonetheless treat them with respect. When you observe someone, you get a sense of your own character, not a picture of them.

Garcelle Beauvais (@GarcelleB) tweeted this on July 5, 2022:

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