Kyle Talks About Carl’s Loverboy Exit: There Were “Plenty” of Opportunities to “fire Him”.

An exploration of the drama. Kyle Cooke detailed the ongoing conflict between him and Summer House co-star exclusively to Us Weekly. Carl left Loverboy because of Carl Radke.

Kyle Cooke, Carl Radke‘s Quotes About Loverboy Drama

While promoting season 7 of Summer House, Kyle, 40, who co-founded the alcohol company with his wife and Summer House co-star Amanda Batula, informed us that Carl’s exit from the business had been planned for a long time.

Kyle shared that he paid his friend a full-time salary for an entire year while he spent the majority of it checked out, noting that the Pennsylvania native quit in November 2022 after many, many months of him not really focusing on work. (Carl, for his part, told us earlier this month that he left the gluten-free hard tea company because he didn’t feel like it aligned truly with me once I became sober in 2020.)

Kyle Talks About Carl's Loverboy Exit

Kyle, who agreed that the matter is delicate, said that he sometimes found Carl to be difficult when he brought up feeling unappreciated and underpaid.

Let’s not forget all the things that I put up with, I’m thinking. As a boss, I’ve been patient, Kyle remarked, adding that part of that patience involved letting Carl try to actually redefine his job at the business by moving from a sales position to the face of the brand and organizing parties for Loverboy.

The Bravo personality observed that Kyle clarified that his coworker had not been fired and had instead resigned in good standing, but that didn’t mean Carl hadn’t occasionally pushed his luck.

Kyle confirmed that the Syracuse University alum resigned on his own initiative, though he thinks that Carl’s fiance, Lindsay Hubbard, urged him to do so. “He gave me enough of an opportunity to dismiss him,” Kyle said.

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Lovers’ Quarrels! Bar Brawls! Biggest Summer House Feuds Through the Years

Kyle emphasized his belief that Carl was valued by the crew, saying, “I think there’s probably Lindsay in his ear convincing him he’s under-appreciated.” He expressed disappointment in Lindsay and Carl for turning our business into a public issue and said he hadn’t anticipated it.

Kyle Talks About Carl's Loverboy Exit

Despite the fact that the founder of Loverboy openly acknowledged his own regrets regarding how their business relationship had turned out—”I probably said some things in the heat of the moment that I regret—the Maryland native told us she understood that an environment where alcohol was readily available was not the best setting for someone attempting to maintain their sobriety.

Carl, on the other hand, admitted to us last week that it’s challenging to watch the Bravo series when Kyle has such strong feelings about whether I’m checked out or [whether] my relationship altered me, even though I don’t necessarily believe that to be the truth.

I mean, I’ve spent the last three and a half years giving Kyle and the company everything. I’m incredibly pleased with everything I’ve accomplished, and Kyle expects us to work very, very hard.

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Summer House s Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula s Relationship Timeline

While Carl noted that he wants the best for his friend, he also acknowledged that the two are trying to navigate the best way to move forward which Kyle toldUswas a little surprising to hear, given they got dinner and hashed things out.

Kyle Talks About Carl's Loverboy Exit

In the end, Kyle informed us, I think now more than ever, we can concentrate on our friendship without the interruption of Loverboy.