Largest Villains and Favorite Characters on Survivor.

outlast, outsmart, and outplay. Throughout the years, Survivor has featured a number of exciting characters, from adored fan favorites to infamous villains.

The reality show follows a group of participants split into tribes as they survive on a deserted island for almost a month on their own. Players are eliminated throughout the game, and a jury made up of a small number of people decides who wins and receives the $1 million cash prize.

The first-ever winner of the 2000-debuting CBS series was Richard Hatch. The native of Rhode Island was well-known for his frequent nudity, but he also dazzled audiences with his tactical acumen.

When the Tagi tribe united with the Pagong tribe, Hatch formed an alliance with the remaining Tagi tribal members. To the very end, the consultant and his allies collaborated, and in a 4-3 vote, he was declared the sole survivor.


Largest Villains and Favorite Characters on Survivor.

Several heroes and adversaries appeared after Hatch laid out the guidelines for winning the game. Fans were won over by players like Rupert Boneham, Malcolm Freeberg, and Joe Anglim for their intimidating strength and approachable personalities.

Rob Mariano, also known as Boston Rob, won over fans and his fellow castaways with his charm and leadership abilities. The first competitor only succeeded once after playing five times and appearing in six games. On his second appearance in the reality TV series, he came in second place, losing to Amber Brkich, his future wife. After getting married in 2005, the couple welcomed four daughters.

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There Is a Villain on The Program for Every Hero.

One of the most infamous villains in the series was Russell Hantz. The native of Louisiana was renowned for his cutthroat tactics and for his unrepentant ability to deceive and sway his fellow competitors.

Hantz was one of the first players to use the tactic of blindly looking for a hidden immunity idol. He continued to compete on three occasions, finishing third in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains and second in Survivor: Samoa. He is one of the few players to reach the finals in many appearances while never winning the match.

Largest Villains and Favorite Characters on Survivor.

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