Laundry Room Hacks: Simple Replicas of Laundry Room Design Hacks!

It’s unlikely that anyone enjoys doing laundry, but that doesn’t mean your laundry room needs to be a complete disaster. We set out to locate the best laundry room ideas the world had to offer after being inspired by a few brilliant Dollar Tree laundry room hacks.

Consequently, whether your washer and dryer are in a closet, the garage, the basement, or conveniently close to your bedrooms, these smart laundry room décor ideas offer a ton of storage possibilities, will help you get and remain organized, and might even end up being your favorite room makeover ever.

Platform Storage: The Best Utility Room Hack

One of our favorite design ideas, this DIY platform raises the laundry units so you can load them more easily without bending over and hurting your back. Two clever built-in drawers also offer extra storage space for extra supplies like dryer sheets, extra rags, or even a place to stash all the loose change from your family members’ pockets. For information, visit the House of Turquoise.

The Finest Laundry Room Hacks: Make It Beautiful

Who said a laundry room has to be plain white and uninteresting? A wow factor, like this pattern play, is sometimes all that is required to transform a laundry room. Use a striking, graphic wallpaper to give your compact area some designer TLC.

laundry room hacks

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Laundry machine stacking is the best laundry room hack.

Even if you have the most creative laundry room ideas, you’ll have to make accommodations if your plans don’t work with the available space. Choosing a stacked washer and dryer combo is a fantastic way to make the most of your space. This will ensure that you have space for the magnificent farmhouse sink and built-in mud bench you’ve been envisioning.

Maximize Tight Spaces in the Laundry Room

It doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the space just because laundry rooms are frequently uncomfortable areas that are overrun by the (very necessary) appliances.

These racks, which are hung parallel to the machines, offer plenty of storage and make use of what would otherwise be unused space. Without taking up more room or making the area feel smaller, adding knobs and hooks with a narrow profile adds more storage. More of this is available at Hutchinson House.

The best laundry room hack is to utilize sliding barn doors.

Whether your laundry room is a nook or a closet, ditch the subpar contractor-grade doors to save space (and conceal the units while you’re doing it) and install installed barn doors that swing open and shut with little to no effort. Nobody will ever suspect such industrial workhorses are lying beneath such an intriguing architectural design.

laundry room hacks

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Online or at Home Depot, you can readily find barn door hardware. If you have a single door or a set of doors that open in the middle, like the one depicted above from Geoff Chick, make sure there is enough wall space on one or both sides for the doors so the barn doors can swing fully open before deciding if this installation would work for you.

Best Laundry Room Tip: Make the Most of Wall Space

Pegboards are terrific storage options for tools and workstations, but they also work well for organizing the laundry room, as Sincerely Sara D demonstrates above. Pegboard offers a wall of organizational and storage solutions that can vary and evolve to match your needs.

You can utilize a single board or kit out the entire wall with pegboard. Remember to paint the board the same color as your wall; doing so will help it blend in with the room and give it a more deliberate and coherent sense.

laundry room hacks

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The best laundry room hack is to establish a folding station.

You won’t want to unload the dryer and carry your dirty clothes somewhere to fold and sort them after using a convenient folding station in the laundry room.

If you don’t have enough room for a separate table, make use of the area just above the laundry units by building your own DIY table. This variation from Vintage Revivals took the design-driven waterfall edge a step farther by mounting tables to the wall; two legs would have sufficed.