Leaked Gameplay from Hideo Kojima Reminds of Silent Hill.!

Overdose, Hideo Kojima’s suspected new project, has leaked portions of its video, and some fans are immediately comparing it to P.T./Silent Hills.

Let’s start by making it quite apparent that the unauthorized video in question is as unofficial as it gets. There has been no official statement concerning the veracity of the leaked video as of the time of this writing. Additionally, the video itself is rather weird.

It appears to be a mobile phone recording of an inside demo taken by a man who is clearly not wearing a shirt. Obviously, if the gaming clip is legitimate, that is not the best way to see it.

On that topic, we’re not exactly able to give a link to the video right now. Not only are recordings being removed rather fast, but they are also currently being distributed through some unexpected means. But if you’re committed to discover it, you ought to be able to find it rather quickly.

Leaked Gameplay from Hideo Kojima

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A character can be seen wandering through a number of rooms in what appears to be some sort of medical facility throughout the duration of the two and a half minutes-long video.

The actress Margaret Qualley, who also starred in Death Stranding, is clearly the inspiration for the character model. In fact, it’s possible that the character model used in the demo was taken from Death Stranding.

Whatever the case, it’s very clear that the game in question is a survival horror game. The player character is only equipped with a flashlight and a look of utter horror as they make their way through filthy passageways.

Even the player character’s facial expressions are emphasised for much of the video. Given how realistically detailed the character model is, this is not at all surprising.

A gloomy passage is where the player character turns their back toward the end of the demo. Then, along the corridor, a strange, pulsating red light arises that somewhat like an input prompt. We don’t really get to see what that light stands for other than a fleeting flash of a zombie-like person in the hallway.

Soon, the player character tries to hide behind a table while fleeing the enigmatic figure or light. But it’s all in vain since the figure quickly locates the player character. The player character, who is clearly terrified, yells and puts their hands to their faces.

Soon after, we are given an unnecessary glimpse of the shirtless man who is filming this footage in the player’s reflection. Though it doesn’t appear to be the intended monster. The phrase “Game Over” does appear in-game, but it is quickly replaced with the phrases “A Hideo Kojima Game” and “Overdose.”

Overdose has actually come up before, and it appears to be Hideo Kojima’s upcoming game’s title (or codename). In light of that, it might be important to note that this leaked video appears to have been making the rounds for a while.

It has just now been made available to the general public through unauthorised routes for the first time.

Leaked Gameplay from Hideo Kojima

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If the video is authentic as some insiders suggest, it is undoubtedly fascinating. Although it appears to be a third-person game (although there are alternative hypotheses we’ll discuss in a moment), there are a lot of other aspects of the design that have a strong Silent Hill flavour.

Even some of the font selections and design choices (most notably the use of an old wheelchair) appeared to have been lifted directly from a classic Silent Hill game. The stages are gloomy and dirty.

The player character appears to be largely powerless. Even while Overdose is very probably not a stealth-focused Silent Hill game, the thought that Kojima would have used some of his previous P.T./Silent Hill sideas seems plausible.

Interestingly, the video almost gives the impression that a smartphone is being used to control the gaming.

A “picture-in-picture” box at the very least depicts a woman reacting to the gameplay footage while holding her smartphone aloft. Kojima has stated that he is really curious in how Xbox’s cloud technology may enable him to realise some of his ambitions, even though Overdoselikely is probably not a wholly mobile game. In that regard, Overdose is probably only going to provide some sort of smartphone feature compatibility.

Even while it’s just speculation, this clip makes me think that Overdose may even be a sort of horror “guide the character” game. Games like the PS2 cult classic Lifeline toyed with the idea of effectively commanding another character what to do through unconventional input commands, though it has been a while since we’ve seen such a title (in that case, voice controls). Is it conceivable that players will direct the Overdose character in similarly unconventional ways with a smartphone?

Even if the player character doesn’t always acknowledge them, those “flashing red lights” imply that they are there for the player’s benefit (possibly to tap?) but aren’t always visible to the in-game character. The use of a smartphone would also be made clear if Overdose supported some sort of co-op or watch-along functionality.

Regardless, it appears that Hideo Kojima is developing a horror game once more. It’s good to know that Kojima is returning to a genre that he has only really loosely explored in the past but seems to be a perfect creative fit for. Of course, the nature of the entire P.T.situation will impact players’ expectations of this upcoming project, but for the time being, it’s nice to know that Kojima is returning to this genre.