Lee, from The Tv Show Below Deck, Backs Sandy’s Decisions when He’s Not There.

The Quiet period before a storm. After raising concerns off-screen, Captain Lee appeared delighted with Captain Sandy‘s decisions aboard St. David.

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The Michigan native, 73, returned to the boat during a brand-new episode of Below Deck that aired on Monday, February 27. He had previously taken a temporary leave for health concerns. Since Sandy, 57, earlier informed Lee about Camille Lamb’s departure, Lee urged the Florida native to fill him in on what he missed.

So, there have been a few changes. Sandy informed Lee that Alissa [Humber] had been fired for disobeying orders and was no longer employed.

Lee, from The Tv Show Below Deck, Backs Sandy's Decisions when He's Not There.

The OGBelow Deckstar responded by praising Sandy’s choice. She made the proper decision. He said in a confessional that if they need to leave, they need to leave. She was the one who had to deal with it, and I am confident that she chose wisely for the crew and the boat. I have no words to describe how grateful I am that she covered for me. And perhaps someday I’ll be able to do the same for her.

Lee was praised when he recently inquired as to why he wasn’t informed of staff changes while he was away.

So, I learned that she dismissed one of my crew members after the fact and not beforehand. OK? Once Camille’s departure was shown in January, he tweeted. Camille earned what she received. Never was my problem. I’m sorry that so many people don’t see that. I didn’t want [Sandy] to ask for permission; all I wanted was the update and that fast call you promised.

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Below Deck’s Captain Lee and Captain Sandy’s Ups and Downs Over the Years

She did it on television in front of how many people, he continued, without consulting me. That doesn’t strike me as being particularly private.

Sandy made it clear at the time that she was in command during season 10 despite Lee’s temporary absence. In the hospital, he is. Who is going to contact and ask whether Camille may be fired? She said earlier this month on SiriusXM’s Reality Checked, “Never in a million years would I do it.” But I did phone him to say, “By the way, I did dismiss her,” as a courtesy. Because of her, you nearly had a rebellion on your yacht.

Lee, from The Tv Show Below Deck, Backs Sandy's Decisions when He's Not There.

The author of Be the Calm or Be the Storm asserts that Lee was clearly acting his age by posting comments on social media.

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From Lee to Sandy! A Guide to Every Captain in the ‘Below Deck’ Franchise

Get back to your boat, I commanded him over the phone. because I was supposed to be my girlfriend’s surgeon. At that moment, Sandy continued, “Like, I didn’t step on there to take over a show. Not two programs, please. The Mediterranean is to my taste. Are you serious? The Mediterranean is to my taste.

Us Weekly announced that Lee would be departing the franchise after season 10 amidst the drama. For season 11, Captain Kerry of the Below Deck Adventures will take the place of the Bravo star who debuted on the popular show in 2013. Moreover, We verified that production for the upcoming season is taking place in Grenada.

Lee, from The Tv Show Below Deck, Backs Sandy's Decisions when He's Not There.