Life 360 App: How To Maintain a Consistent Location on Life360?

Life360 is not intended to remain stationary because it is a location-tracking GPS app. It keeps track of your every motion and delivers precise information on your location, your timing, and your rate of movement. Even so, there are instances when you might wish to disconnect from the grid and keep your whereabouts a secret from the other members of the circle.

Here are some pointers for getting around the app’s software and keeping it in one place.

Turning off Wi-Fi and cellular data will help Life360 keep track of your location.

The Life360 app normally displays your most recent position until you turn off your internet connection, which disables Life360. The obvious drawback of this approach is that it breaks connections for all other apps, which restricts the availability of services like alerts and messaging apps. Others in your group will notice something is wrong in addition to the fact that you don’t have an internet connection. Additionally, it can be insufficient to conceal your location.

life 360 app

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When using Life360, keep your location consistent by spoofing it.

You need a VPN, such as ExpressVPN, or a fake location app in order to mask your location. Read through our article on using a VPN with your phone if you want to integrate a VPN. We won’t suggest any specific false location software because the Google Play Store and Apple App Store both have a ton of other great choices.

However, bear in mind that the majority of these programs are expensive, and installation may be challenging. Furthermore, they have an impact on every app on your phone.

Use a burner phone to keep your location consistent.

Most likely the oldest trick in the book is obtaining a burner phone. You now have two phones, with the burner phone remaining stationary and having the Life360 application downloaded to it. Any of the settings don’t need to be changed. While bringing the other phone, you leave the first one behind.

Considerations outside the box are key in this situation. If you have an iPad or iPod Touch, for instance, you may use it as a burner or carry them around and use them as the dummy while using your smartphone.

By turning off background app refresh in Life360, you can maintain a fixed location.

With the help of this function, apps can update data while running in the background. GPS and motion tracking are used by Life360 on smartphones. It might not keep you stationary if you switch off the internet without also turning off Background App Refresh.

On an iPhone and Android, for instance, this option is accessed through the Settings app. Choose Life360 from the list of options by tapping the Settings app. Toggle it off by clicking the switch next to Background App Refresh. The location won’t update when Wi-Fi is turned off, you can be guaranteed that.

life 360 app

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By disabling Location and Motion, Life360 will keep your location constant.

To keep you still, you should be able to disable the motion and location tracking. Consequently, the trick won’t fail if you don’t disable cellular and Wi-Fi. Toggling Background App Refresh is still a good idea.

To put things into perspective, this allows you to have a long lunch or conduct errands without informing the other people in your circle. Until the information is updated, the app continues to display the latest location that was noted.

life 360 app

A pop-up will appear before the program begins following you if you set the Location to Ask Next Time. On Android, the feature’s name can be different from what was tried on an iPhone.

By activating Battery Saving Mode, Life360 allows you to maintain a fixed location.

To track and record your position and motion data, Life360 consumes a lot of battery power. When your battery is at or below 20%, the majority of its functionalities turn off. Invoking the battery-saving mode on purpose results in the same results. A catch, though, exists.

In order to prevent the location from being tracked, you must turn off Background App Refresh. When the app is activated at 50% or 70% battery, it’s uncertain whether it can override the battery-saving option.

Uninstall the Life360 App

Remove the app from your device for the safest option to remain stationary. Your last position is then displayed on the map. No tracking is there, however, you’ll probably need to reload it to avoid suspicion.

life 360 app

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Location Information from Life360

Finally, you should be aware that Life360 essentially disables all emergency services within the app, however, keeping it in one location is challenging but not impossible. You should therefore only sometimes employ these techniques.