Life Hacks for Keyboards: Using These Five Keyboard Shortcuts, You Can Work More Quickly and Conveniently!

The majority of individuals primarily use their computer’s keyboard to input data and control it. But are you in charge of your keyboard, or is it in control of you? It’s not difficult to fix difficulties with your keyboard or your typing if you make mistakes. Here’s how you can quickly and easily modify your keyboard’s comfort settings.

Keyboard Hack 1. Get to know your keyboard

There can be functions on your keyboard that you are unaware of, even if you have been using a PC for a long time. To increase your productivity while working, spend some time getting familiar with your keyboard.

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Keyboard Hack 2. Modify the keyboard’s configuration

  1. A few settings on your keyboard can be changed to make your work more efficient once you’ve become more accustomed to it. You can modify:
  2. the speed of the mouse pointer’s blinking, which can improve visibility.
  3. the rate at which keyboard strokes repeat, which prevents typing errors.
Life Hacks for Keyboards

Keyboard Hack 3. Take shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are often a more productive method of working, even if you’re an expert with the mouse for Windows. Because they combine several keystrokes into a single swift motion, much like pressing a chord on a piano, they are known as shortcuts. It can be considerably simpler and quicker to use your PC if you learn a few keyboard shortcuts for common tasks like saving or closing files.

Here are a few widely used keyboard shortcuts: ALT+TAB Change between running apps or opening windows Save the current document or file using CTRL+S. (works in most programs) CTRL+Z revert a decision CTRL+C Copies the chosen item the Windows logo key +F1 Display Windows Support and Help ESC Stop what you’re doing now. the application key Open a menu of commands connected to a program selection.

Keyboard Hack 4. Make it easier to press multiple keys

Do you find it challenging to push several keys at once? For instance, you can set up Sticky Keys if pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL requires acrobatics. One key can be pressed at a time when using a keyboard shortcut thanks to Sticky Keys.

Life Hacks for Keyboards

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You can also program it to generate noise so you can hear when it’s operating. Sticky Keys can be configured in Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. (Hint: In Windows 7 or Windows Vista, press your “SHIFT” key five times in a row before clicking the link to start using Sticky Keys.)

Keyboard Hack 5. Find a comfortable keyboard

It may be time for you to assess the ergonomics of your desktop as well. To make working on a computer more comfortable, Microsoft offers a whole line of ergonomic keyboards with Natural and Comfort Curve. A difference can be made by using the proper keyboard!

Advice on how to effectively use your keyboard Use your current keyboard correctly to prevent pain or injury to your wrists, hands, and arms if purchasing a new keyboard is not in your near future.

Life Hacks for Keyboards

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Your upper arms should be at your sides while you position the keyboard at elbow height.

In front of you, center your keyboard. You can use the spacebar as the centering point if your keyboard has a numeric keypad.

Relax your arms and hands while not typing.

Use a soft touch and keep your wrists straight when typing.

Every 15 to 20 minutes, take quick breaks.

So that you can reach for far-off keys without having to stretch your fingers, and type with your hands and wrists hovering above the keyboard.

Avoid resting your hands or wrists when typing on any surface. Use the palm rest on your keyboard just when you need a break from typing if it has one.