Life Hacks for Kids: Top 6 Hacks Will Make Any Mom’s Life Easier!

It’s impossible to keep up with children. It may seem impossible to stay organized when you have to keep track of sports activities, playdates, and school functions. You already have the best resource at your disposal to assist you, even if you may not be aware of it.

Many of their own tasks can be managed by your youngster. When children are given the means to establish some kind of safe independence, they flourish. Your children can take care of themselves and learn new skills by using these ten life hacks. It might seem impossible, but if you use a few of these tips, your toddler might be creating their own PB&J before you know it.

The Smart Bracelet

It’s important to remember phone numbers. Most folks only memorize one or two things by heart. Every parent’s worst nightmare is to lose contact with their child. A short reunion or hours of worry could actually depend on having a parent’s phone number on hand. String together some charms that stand in for items your child like and beads that display your phone number to create a fun safety accessory for your youngster. They’ll enjoy wearing their own gift, and you’ll feel secure.

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life hacks for kids

Weekly Planner

This trick can calm things down if your family’s mornings are chaotic. The difference between a calm morning and a frantic rush can be made by spending a few minutes getting ready for the next week. Lay out an entire week’s worth of clothes on Sunday night to give your kids the confidence they need to get ready on their own.

Precise Ply

It takes a lot of talent to select the proper amount of toilet paper. Since indoor plumbing was developed, parents have battled blocked toilets. This tip could help you avoid many problems if you’re just starting to toilet train or are helping an older child break a bad habit of consuming too much.

life hacks for kids

To ensure that children always unroll the proper quantity, write a marker on your wall. You may keep it straightforward with a post-it or get inventive to match your design. Only your imagination can constrain the possibilities.

Bring your own lunch

This tip can be ideal for your family if you frequently have leftover lunches and wasteful food. While providing them greater freedom and flexibility, assist your children in packing the ideal lunch. Sort pre-portioned or individually packed food into bins or baskets according to type. Tell your youngster how many fruits, snacks, or other options they have to select from. They will feel more in control if they are given the chance to select from the choices you have presented. You’ll have less to prepare before school, and the kids will be more eager to consume their lunch.

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Safer bedding

Many kids frequently worry about rolling out of bed. There is an easy fix that might prevent your beloved little one from rolling out of bed in the middle of the night.

life hacks for kids


Little ones frequently are delighted to learn new self-care techniques. They enjoy demonstrating to us how mature and independent they are. It takes a lot of talent to put on shoes. Instead of fastening them, put them on the proper feet first. Just cut a sticker in half to make it easier for your child to remember which shoe belongs on which foot.

Put one-half of the sticker in each shoe so that when they are arranged side by side, they make a complete picture. If your child succeeds on the first try, they’ll be so proud to show you what a terrific job they did.

Timer with Colors

Mastering routines can be challenging. Children may lose focus or forget what is expected of them. Frequently, a straightforward visual cue may keep kids on task. Use a detachable clock face with a clear display. Your toddler can be informed instantly whether it is time to be awake or asleep by simple light colors.

life hacks for kids

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You may make the clock more complicated and tell your children when to dress, get ready for meals, and even do chores. When kids are aware of expectations, they will be proud to uphold them and feel accountable for themselves.