Link Tank: Phantom Fest in Austin Is Where You Can See the Great Pumpkin Bash.!

We’re thrilled to collaborate with Phantom Fest at Den of Geek! If you’re in Austin, Texas this weekend, check out these fantastic activities!

Phantom Fest is a jovial and joyous Halloween and all-things-spooky festival that aims to foster community and raise $10,000 for Austin Pets Alive this year!

Here Is a List of The Events.

Regarding The Great Pumpkin Party

“At the Great Pumpkin Bash, take part in a full day of pumpkin-themed activities to help Good Work Austin. Grab a Halloween pumpkin (or smash one for charity), enjoy live music on the CMW sound stage,

Phantom Fest in Austin is where you can see The Great Pumpkin Bash.

indulge in pumpkin and Halloween-themed baked goods from Zucchini Kill Bakery, sip pumpkin spiced coffee from Trianon Coffee, shop for vintage and fall clothing at the Eastside Pop UP Witchy Market, take a picture with “The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” and join BookPeople in honoring Charles M. Schulz on what would have been his 100th birthday by watching It.

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Because it introduces mature topics to the Star Wars universe, one specific scene from Andor has become a viral sensation online.

“Star Wars: Andorhas has grown to be my favorite program in the Disney+ period, and even though it is flawless and I adore it so much, I also have a complaint about episode 7 named “Announcement” because you need to prepare the internet for certain things.

like having to deal with my roiling emotions towards Diego Luna while waiting up so early in the morning.

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The first season finale of House of the Dragon is soon to come. We would want to go through the following points.

“House Of The Dragon’s first season has just one episode left, and by this point, we have a good enough understanding of the characters and the setting to have some concept of what we want from the conclusion.

Phantom Fest in Austin is where you can see The Great Pumpkin Bash.

The season has been full of ups and downs, time jumps and catch-ups, murder, incest, and awful wigs. What else could we possibly need? Plenty.”

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Black Adam is the most recent DC movie to disappoint critics, and Gotham Knights, the next DC video game, isn’t connecting with anyone either.

The reviews for Arkham Knight, the first Batman game released by Warner Bros. since 2015, are not encouraging. Many reviews are unimpressed by Gotham Knights’ story and get weary of its repetitious missions. They also complain about framerate drops and other technical concerns. The loot-centric multiplayer brawler sounds average at best, a huge letdown after such a lengthy wait.

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The Teletubbies is the latest venerable franchise that Netflix has brought back.

The official trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Teletubbies revival has just been revealed. The project was first announced back in September. In addition to the return of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po, the Netflix Jr. series has a new Sun Baby and narration by actor Tituss Burgess.

Phantom Fest in Austin is where you can see The Great Pumpkin Bash.

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Den of Geek Events Calendar!

During our Spooky Season, Den of Geeks supports the following activities. Find out more about:

Festival of horror films in Brooklyn (Brooklyn, NY)

Halloween Horror Ethereal (Austin, TX)

Halloween Fest (Austin, TX)

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