Loveably “Chaotic”! the Family Album of Loren and Alexei from 90 Days of Love.!

The group of Brovarniks! The 90-Day Fiancés The joyful parents of three, Loren and Alexei Brovarnik, regularly update their followers on the state of their so-called chaotic household.

It’s a mess. After welcoming daughter Ariel in September 2022, Loren spoke exclusively to US Weekly in December 2022 about having three children. Some folks, for example, recall that while I was pregnant, it was quite evenly balanced. Oh, it’s really simple, some people said.

Similar to how getting from one to two is tougher, going from two to three is easy. You already possess several. It’s the toughest thing, but it’s so worth it, some people say.

Loren and Alexei from 90 Days of Love


When their two sons, Shai and Asher, were born, Alexei, who Loren first met while she was on a Birthright trip to Israel in 2013, exclusively told Us at the time that they were doing well.

They all share an affection for one another. The Israel native, who married Loren in 2015, acknowledged that if you are holding Ari and one of them is, I don’t know what, eating his favorite dish and he notices me picking her up, he comes over to me. Whatever I’m doing, he just shows up there because he wants to be involved. I cannot spend all of my time with Ari.

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In the three years from the year 2020, the couple welcomed three children: Shai in 2020, Asher in 2021, and Ariel in 2022.

The fan-favorite couples received their own spinoff, Loren and Alexei: After the 90 Days, in 2022 where viewers get a glimpse of their lives as a couple and as busy parents after appearing on 90 Day Fiancin 2015 as well as numerous variations of the show thereafter.

Loren and Alexei from 90 Days of Love

In addition to their time spent on television, the two routinely update viewers on their family life via social media, whether they are spending time together at home or celebrating holidays.

My heart is overflowing. In December 2022, Loren posted a caption on Instagram with a picture of Shai clutching his younger sister’s hand. The TLC performers posed for multiple pictures with their entire families later that month.

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Merry Christmas!

Cheers! The family was photographed twice for the combined Instagram snap, which was captioned by the couple. While Alexei held onto the boys who were trying to get out of their father’s arms, Loren had Ariel in her arms.