Love Island’s Followers Share the Same Opinion About the Heart Rate Challenge!

If you haven’t seen it in a while, tonight’s Love Island episode features the return of the notorious heart rate challenge, where contestants do seductive dance moves in front of one other to see who has the hots for whom. Our first look at the shenanigans was yesterday night, and there were plenty of dramatic moments to anticipate, such as errr Ekin-Su sucking Davide’s finger while wearing a wedding veil? Always stay the same, Love Island.

How Much We’re Enjoying the Ekin-Su and Davide Plot?

Despite how much we’re enjoying the Ekin-Su and Davide plot, viewers have noticed another critical moment in the trailer that’s sure to spark further intrigue. Gemma Owen appeared to dance on Jay and lick his ear in the preview. Gemma’s heart rate challenge partner, Luca, isn’t happy about it, according to the show’s followers. That’s not good at all.

Love Island's Followers Share the Same Opinion About the Heart Rate Challenge!

A Screen Grab of Gemma and Jay Was Tweeted by One User with The Message

a screen grab of Gemma and Jay was tweeted by one user with the message, “Gemma and Jay.” “That is Gemma! Fans predicted that Luca would faint, while others predicted that Gemma’s pulse rate would be elevated the most by someone other than Luca on Tuesday night. “Oh my lord PLEASE let Gemma’s heart rate be raised the most by anyone other than Luca tomorrow night. “”

Another user suggested that Jacques, Gemma’s ex, could be involved in a plot twist. Tweeted, “IMAGINE JACQUES RAISES GEMMA’S HEART RATE THE MOST,” along with an image of Tommy Fury from the original Love Island. When Luca admitted to Gemma that he was “falling” for her in last night’s episode, will their romance be able to stand up to the heart rate challenge? As far as I know, this is the most important test of all…

Tonight’s episode of Love Island airs at 9 p.m. on ITV2.

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