As in “Married at First Sight,” Gina, the Bride, Is Not Attracted to Clint: See

Married at First Sight ten times doesn’t result in attraction or even love at first sight. Gina Micheletti tells Clint Webb in Us Weekly’s exclusive sneak look of this week’s episode that she isn’t yet interested in him.

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On the Lifetime reality show, the Nashville couple is seen enjoying their tropical vacation, and the groom appears to be delighted. What a lovely getaway. Clint states in the video, “I had high hopes, but this has surpassed them.” Good time for investigation, not just of the island but also of you and me. We click, yes?

The bride observes that one component is missing, though. In the end, I don’t know how you’re feeling, but I’m definitely not feeling this intense physical chemistry. I have no idea because I don’t want to push anything. What do you think about that? Gina queries.

As in "Married at First Sight," Gina, the Bride, Is Not Attracted to Clint: See

Clint concurs with his new wife, but he has a positive outlook. I share your sentiments. We’ll see what happens, I mean, the professionals paired us up for a reason. According to him, we could experience something unexpectedly that alters our perspective.

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The hairdresser clarifies that this isn’t a deal-breaker by saying that she isn’t typically attracted to people right away.

According to Gina, I believe that physical attraction is unquestionably an unexplained feeling. Although I don’t believe it takes place overnight, I have been in relationships where it wasn’t the first thing that struck me.

I believe it can develop over time simply by spending more time together and how someone treats you; for example, by seeing them in your daily life and finding inspiration from them; or by someone making you laugh or making you like their company.

Those things, in my opinion, can create physical attraction. Because I’ve witnessed it develop in other relationships, I believe I’m just being objective.

As in "Married at First Sight," Gina, the Bride, Is Not Attracted to Clint: See

Gina’s optimism is welcomed by the account manager, but Clint is disappointed to learn that she doesn’t find him attractive. I’m disappointed that she expressed it so early in our relationship, he says in his confessional. But because we are married, I mean, we are dedicated to this and will try our best to make it work.

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The Married at First Sight pair from season 16 remark on how well they are getting along before Gina brings up how the matchmakers were aware that she didn’t frequently date redheads.

She says, “I’m in this for the long run.” It’s odd because the one thing I mentioned to the experts was that I don’t particularly like redheads or those with ginger-like looks. That’s not to suggest you’re ugly; it’s just the way you are.

As in "Married at First Sight," Gina, the Bride, Is Not Attracted to Clint: See

He’s not her typical type, she continues. Clint answers simply, “Heard.”

When Married at First Sight premieres on Lifetime on Wednesday, February 1, at 8 p.m. ET, you can watch the full embarrassing argument.