Marvel’s Kevin Feige Had Strong Reaction to Moon Knight’s Hippo!

New and unexpected characters have appeared in Disney+’s MCU series, including Agatha Harkness from Kathyrn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness and Captain Carter from What If…? and even the alligator Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige as well as Moon Knight’s screenwriters had a different plan in mind.

As far as Marvel shows go, Moon Knight stands out because of its Egyptian mythos and its protagonist’s battle with Dissociative Identity Disorder. Acting against himself, Oscar Isaac portrayed three distinct characters in the six-episode series.

To top it all off, Moon Knight reimagined some Egyptian deities as animals, like the skeletal bird Khonshu and the crocodile Ammit. Nevertheless, a Marvel producer claims that Kevin Feige was insistent from the start about another animal god.

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Kevin Feige’s Response to Moon Knight’s Hippopotamus

Grant Curtis, Marvel’s executive producer, said that Kevin Feige is mostly responsible for Moon Knight’s hippo goddess Taweret, saying, “that hippo, she’s in the show!” in an interview with the Phase Zero podcast. As the producer recalls, the Moon Knight writers’ room was first awash in Egyptian imagery and influences.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige Had Strong Reaction to Moon Knight’s Hippo

When Steven Grant is in the storage room with Donna in the backdrop, you’ll see “a replica” of what the writers had in the writer’s room: “According to Egyptian mythology, Taweret has the body of a hippopotamus and is the goddess of childbirth and fertility. She is shown as a hippo.

Antonia Salib brought her to life at the end of the fourth episode of Moon Knight, in which she made her debut as the series’ new Moon Knight. The next two episodes saw her play a key role in Layla’s transformation into her avatar, May Calamawy’s Layla.

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Feige is the best.

When Antonia Salib took on the role of Taweret in Episode 4, the internet went wild, but it didn’t take long for her talent and personality to quickly become a fan favorite. Even yet, when Layla consented to be her avatar and take on the identity of the Scarlet Scarab, few people expected her involvement to be quite so pivotal.

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In keeping with Feige’s wishes, the Moon Knight appears to have not only kept Taweret on the program as requested but also elevated her to the status of a significant player. In the past, Feige has indicated a keen interest in a Disney+ show’s concept. When Marvel Studios President learned of the idea for Rogers: The Musical, he pushed on moving through with it.

Oscar Isaac and May Calamawy’s stay as Egyptian avatar heroes has only just begun, despite the fact that the future of the Moon Knight series has yet to be confirmed by either party. Because Taweret is so beloved by fans, Layla’s avatar status is likely to be short-lived, despite what Layla claims.